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7 of the Most Effective Ways to Use Industrial Heaters

The ability to control heat is one of the greatest gifts that technology opened up for man in the 21st century. It is more than not having to hurdle in your bed cold at night. Heating has made the chemical manufacturing industry, deep refining, and other activities possible.

Industrial heaters come in different shapes, designs, and sizes. The mode of application used for one might not work for the other. However, general guides will help you make the best use of your industrial heaters. 

Making the Most of Your Industrial Heaters

Having a branded heater can help you meet your industrial heating needs. With the heater customized for you, it is hard to go wrong. However, you might not get the best from this high-quality heater if you don't know how to make the most of your industrial heater. 

Considering that industrial heaters can be expensive too, you don't want to be in these shoes. So, how do you make the most effective use of your industrial heaters? We have given seven essential tips to help you. 

  1. Understand Your Application

Before you can make the most of your industrial heater, you have to understand the need you have for it. You have to know how heat affects the environment and the system in which you apply it. 

Know the heat response time of the application, for instance. Understand the expected reactions. This understanding of the application makes it easier for you to choose the right industrial heater. It also makes using the heater in an effective manner possible. 

This tip affects every aspect of the use of your industrial heater, so it can't be overlooked. Ensure that when you have a change in staff, the new staff also understand the application and its reactions to heat. This knowledge will guide the use of the industrial heater. 

  1. Get the Best Heater Design

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Don’t go frugal on your industrial heater. If you want the heating system to last long and perform effectively, buy the best industrial heater design for your work. It would ensure that all the processes go smoothly and effectively.

There are several designs of industrial heaters on the market. You need to know what you need before making a purchase, and it would save costs and resources. Do you need silicone rubber, immersion, mineral-insulated cable, or tubular heater design?  

If you can’t find an exact replication of what you envisioned, it is best to go for custom flexible heaters. These heaters are built for you with every specification designed to give you the most effective results. You get to dictate the heater's operating parameters, which helps prevent any inadequacy or premature failures. The right heater would provide the best efficiency.  

  1. Maintain Optimal Wattage and Heat Transfer

The heat value required for several media differs. You need to know the optimal wattage for your heating processes. Once you know the heat required and your industrial heater is designed to produce it, maintain that wattage in your operations. 

Keeping your industrial heater at the optimal wattage ensures that you don't overwork the system for no productive reason. You should also ensure that the application medium gets the necessary heat transfer. 

This balance would ensure that you're getting the most from your industrial heater, not overworking it. Factors like how the heater was mounted, the area covered, and the designated heat zone affecting the heat transfer process should be considered. An optimal wattage and heat transfer process should be established and maintained.

  1. Keep an Eye on Terminals

While focusing on the heating elements of the industrial heater, many often forget that the heater's terminals are very sensitive. You can experience a failure of your industrial heater just because the terminals are exposed to moisture. 

Therefore, you must pay attention to your industrial heater's lead wiring and electrical terminals. Factors like moisture, high temperature, vibration, flexing, and others that can affect its function should be given special attention. 

Ensure that the wiring is done properly by professionals and maintain the terminals during and after use of the heaters. You don't want to deal with bad terminals in the middle of a heating process. 

  1. Do Proper Installation

It is not enough to have the right heater design. Proper installation ensures that you can optimize the use of your industrial heater. Everything about the heater must be set correctly to ensure there are no problems once you start using the heater. 

The installation process should consider how the electrical terminations are accessed, how the heater can be removed, and procedures to take in maintenance. You might want to call in experts to do the installation. Ensure that the professionals explain what was done, so you know how to use the industrial heater effectively. 

  1. Use Temperature Control

Accurate temperature control is crucial to the effective use of your industrial heaters. It helps to monitor the heating process and can help prevent accidents. Ensure that your industrial heater has a temperature control or sensor feature and use it. 

All industrial heaters from Hi-Heat industries have temperature controls. This feature ensures that you control the areas where heat is applied and to what degree. Please don't buy an industrial heater without this feature as it affects the heater's effectiveness.

  1. Maintain and Modify When Necessary

The effectiveness of your industrial heaters wouldn't matter much if it is not safe. Therefore, you must keep up with the maintenance and modification of heaters as and when due. It keeps your workplace safe and ensures you get the most out of your industrial heaters.

Make sure that your employees always follow safety protocols. Ensure that the maintenance and modification of your industrial heaters are done by trained electrical personnel, following the National Electrical Code standards


Industrial heaters are a core part of many industries in this age and time. It enables several processes in major industries and affects the output of products. Therefore, it is essential to make the most of this technology. We have explained seven tips that would enable you to use your industrial heaters for a long time without any damage or problems. 

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