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7 People lookup tips

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In the current scenario, trusting someone brings a lot of drawbacks. Be it your home or workplace, you should not allow any person without having a complete background check of an individual. However, interrogating the person directly will not provide any fruitful results. Thus, it is always suggestible to access government databases and public records. If you are wondering how to do that, you should know that there are 7 amazing techniques. By following them, you can accomplish the task competently. 

1 Check out the public records like Cityzor.

The first and foremost tip to mention while discussing people's lookup tips is the availability of public records. Platforms like Cityzor can help you immensely in this case. With just entering the full name and address of an individual, you will be able to look up people's records through Cityzor. The platform can pull information concerning employment history, criminal records, marital status, and so on! The best part is that you neither need to create an account nor spend the amount to get the basic details.

2 Execute a criminal record search

Whether it is for a business deal or personal affair, you must always be careful about the felons. In locations like the United States, court records are considered to be a section of public records. Hence, accessing it is nothing confidential. To attain the criminal records, you need to type state/country + criminal records on Google and hit the search option. After that, navigate the sites with .gov. If the person holds any crime account, his name and image will be present within the list.

3 Do a reverse image search.

If you only have a picture of an individual about whom you want to accumulate information, reverse image search is ideal for you. Just go to images.google.com and locate the option where you can upload the picture of the person. On doing that, all the related details will appear on the screen.

4 Track on regular search engines 

Another great way for online people search is by tracking them through search engines like Google. However, most of the time, you might end up getting pre-known basic data. Thus, to modify the search options, try entering details like email address, and additional phrases after typing full name like school, court record, debt, etc. For instance, suppose you are willing to learn about the marital status of someone named Anny Cooper. Then, write Anny Cooper and then add the phrase marital status.

5 Search on Social media

If you want to search for someone out of inquisitiveness rather than official reasons, stalking the social media platforms will be great. Check out the popular mediums like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. You will definitely get to learn about their attitude, acquainted people, mannerism, etc. Try adding additional details like location and contact details along with the full name to refine the search.

6 Check employment history on BeenVerified

If you want to have a background lookup before recruiting someone at your workplace, try BeenVerified. The platform is similar to Cityzor and does a similar job. It provides accurate reports faster. Additionally, subscription plans are also affordable. Just give the necessary details like the full name and address of a person, and you are good to go.

7 Search them on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the best mediums to cross-check someone's background data. Starting from basic information to core details, LinkedIn allows you to access all. However, details on LinkedIn can be altered. Thus, you need to a bit careful.

These are 7 simple and useful tips that can help you dive into the background of any person. Now, you decide which one is capable of gratifying your requirements.

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