7 Popular Lottery Games Among Australians


With lots of fascinating features and huge rewards, it’s no wonder that lottery games are one of Australia’s famous betting grounds in the past years. With most of the country actively engaging in lottery games, the lottery industry has seen an active growth from 2015 to 2020, reaching an estimated market value of about 6.9 billion dollars. 


Many lotteries like the Saturday Lotto and the Oz Lotto made many people wealthy and played an integral part in connecting various Australian provinces. As such, it might be beneficial to know the most famous lotteries in the country. 

1.   Powerball


One of Australia’s highest lotteries for jackpots, Powerball winnings are drawn every Thursday. With nine prize divisions present, they choose two random numbers from two barrels. Matching numbers on the ticket indicate the type of division prize won by the player. The highest jackpot ever won in Powerball was about 150 million dollars. 

2.           Oz Lotto

With seven prize divisions available, it is held every Tuesday in the country. The highest jackpot cashed in by any Oz Lotto player till now is 100 million dollars. They choose numbers from 1 to 45 from a single barrel. The winning numbers and the supplementary ones indicate the prize division the player wins. It first came into play in 1994 and is Australia’s national lottery game. 

3.           Saturday Lotto

Played every Saturday, it is almost similar to the Oz Lotto in some aspects. Introduced in 1972, the Saturday Lotto has six divisions where they randomly draw eight balls to determine the prize. They come from a barrel containing 45 balls. The first six ones include the winning numbers and the last two have the supplementary numbers. It was introduced first in Victoria in 2013, and it spread to the rest of Australia. 

4.           Monday and Wednesday Lotto

It is the same as the Saturday Lotto with the difference being the winning numbers drawn every Monday and Wednesday. There are six divisions, and the odds of winning the first division is about 1: 8,145,060. It happened in 1979 in New South Wales. 


Saturday Lotto, Monday and Wednesday lotto all come under the category of the 6/45 lotto. 

5.           Soccer Pools

It is a type of the 6/38 lotto based on the Australian soccer matches. Six random numbers are chosen from a range of 1 to 38, and the winning numbers determine the type of prize money from five available prize divisions.

6.           Mega Jackpot

This type of lotto does not have a specific schedule. It draws when all of its tickets get sold out. Since there are only individual tickets, two individuals cannot share the prize. The highest award achieved to date is 96 million dollars in 2019. It also has the added benefit of one in 16 people getting prizes in every draw. There are ten prize positions and many consolation prizes and the odds of winning the jackpot being 1: 9,483,167. 

7.           Super Jackpot

It is played the same way as that of the Mega Jackpot lotto and the only difference being prize distribution where 1 in 27 participants get a prize. It also has ten prize positions followed by consolation prizes with the odds of winning the jackpot at about 1: 18,385,876