7 reasons to choose LG washing machine for your home


LG is a force to be reckoned with in any industry. However, it is arguably the best washing machine brand in the world. Here are seven compelling reasons to choose an LG washer for your modern home.

The washing machine market in the country has been on the upswing, as more Indian households are purchasing washing machines for greater convenience. According to reports, the washing machine market in the country for the year 2019-20 stood at 7 million units, with a valuation of Rs. 10,400 crore.

Washing machine brands are also placing greater emphasis on integrating washers with cutting-edge technology, while trying to bring down the costs. This has directly contributed to the increase in sales, with top-loading washing machines being the most popular models, followed by semi-automatic washing machines, and then front-loading models.

One of the brands that have been spearheading this movement, leading from the front by offering excellent models is LG. A global leader in the home appliances segment, LG offers some of the best refrigerator models, washing machines, LED TVs and a plethora of other appliances, with its USP being smart appliances.

LG washing machines are some of the best, technologically advanced models available in the market, and while LG’s washing machine prices are a little on the higher side, they are worth the investment.

We give you seven reasons why you should purchase an LG washing machine the next time you dip into the market for a new washer.

AI-powered washing machines

It is universally accepted that LG washing machines employ cutting-edge technology, and in 2020, the brand unveiled its new range of washers. These washing machines come with advanced innovation, and use artificial intelligence to facilitate precision washing.
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LG showcased these models to the world whilst winning the 2020 CES Innovation Award, as the new line of LG ThinQ front-loading washing machines were perched atop of the washing machine world.

Featuring an AI Direct Drive motor, these washing machines automatically detect the weight and volume of each load, while the AI and advanced sensors identify the type of fabrics being washed.

Energy efficient models 

With LG’s TurboWash 360 washing machines, you can effectively wash an entire cycle in just 39 minutes, while saving 39 percent more energy as compared to the conventional TurboWash cycle. Furthermore, these models also come with the new-gen Direct Drive Motor and IntelloDD feature, which uses AI technology to offer better results.

Wash two loads at once

Do you live in a household with a lot of people? Do regular washing machines find it difficult to wash your laundry, and usually take multiple cycles? LG offers TwinWash washing machine models, which come with SteamSoftener technology along with two drums, so that you can wish two loads in one-go! What’s more, you can finish the wash cycle in just 49 minutes, while the machine saves water and energy!

Stylish and chic machines

LG also offers some of the most stylish and sophisticated models around. A good example is its SIGNATURE washing machine models, which come with stunning designs, along with LG’s patented technology. 

Faster cleaning

LG TurboWash washing machines clean your clothes quickly and effectively. We live in a fast-paced world, and most of us do not have the time to wait for hours while doing our laundry. However, the TurboWash machines are energy efficient, and can complete one full cycle in just 49 minutes.

Wi-Fi enabled

You can monitor the machine’s operation and performance by using your smartphone, via the SmartThinQ app. Furthermore, LG washing machines also come with the self-diagnosis feature, which lets you know what is wrong with the washer.

Models in various price segments

When it comes to the washing machine price, you can find an LG washing machine model in every price segment. If you want an LG washer for less than Rs. 15,000, you have the LG T7585NDDLGA 6.5 Kg Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine, which costs around Rs. 14,990. If you want a high-end LG washing machine, then you can get your hands on the LG F4J9JHP2TD 10.5 Kg Fully Automatic Front Load Washing Machine, which costs more than Rs. 80,000.

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