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7 Reasons to Participate In Yoga Day

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Dive into the aura of yoga and meditation in luxury with luxury yoga retreats around the world and luxury yoga retreats in India and give yourself a reason not to miss it.

Yoga and meditation retreats have been winning hearts across the world. If you are already a yoga practitioner irrespective of being a beginner or a professional one you would never want to miss your luxury yoga retreat. Luxury and yoga retreat, eye-popping right? Obviously, if yoga the ancient practice for wellness and bliss will be served with luxury who would not participate in the yoga day. Of course, you shouldn’t, especially when yoga has given so much to your mind, body, and soul. The reconstruction of your mind, peace within your soul, molding your body and bringing an equilibrium between the three.

When we combine luxury with yoga retreat yes, it certainly means a yoga retreat in luxury far from the nerve-wracking life you have been living all this while, a much-needed break from your standard lifestyle. In order to balance the nuisance of your life a luxury yoga retreat is a must and if it is a luxury yoga retreat in India it will be great.

The reason we are pressuring on luxury yoga retreats in India is because of locations with a yogic lineage - Rishikesh, Kerala, Hampi, Goa, Udaipur etc. Now, let us a take a step forward and let us give you 7 reasons to participate in yoga day in luxury yoga retreats in India:

  1. Ancient and authentic yoga retreats: Since yoga originated in India, what can be more satisfying than a luxury yoga retreat in India; where you get to train yourself under experienced and professional yoga instructors. The basics of your yoga training will be strong to the core and later on, you can enrol for their yoga teacher training programmes too.
  2. Combination of luxury and wellness: If luxury only means expensive accommodation, food, then you are wrong. Luxury retreats in India will include yoga routines in an amalgamation with other exotic activities such as trekking, hike to ancient places, yoga and meditation practices that you will feel in the aura itself.
  3. Break from your usual city life: The usual routine blocks your brain in a certain way that you are caged to traditional ideas which eventually blocks your growth. In order to be free and take a break from the hectic schedule of stress, a luxury yoga retreat will treat you inside out.
  4. Reintroduce to your true self: As mentioned earlier yoga retreats are done under experienced and professional yoga instructors. The instructor helps you poise your mind, mind, and soul by allowing your mind to accept the whiteness of the air and indulge the body and soul into the surroundings. It re-introduces you to your true self.
  5. A much needed break for the digestive system: Well, great digestion is secret to a great life. Luxury yoga retreats offer you sattvic food, fresh salads and detox juices that initiate healing of the body from within.
  6. Connecting with similar minds: Yoga retreats give you the opportunity to connect with alike minds from around the globe. Connecting here can be understood as sharing thoughts and experiences and acquiring new things.
  7. Start from the fresh: Whatever you were going through previously, a yoga retreat vacation erases every bad memory, feelings and thought. The entire blockage from the brain is gone, you can start all from fresh and make things work for self and push yourself to new heights.

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