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7 reasons why app fail from industry experts

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Apps are launched every day and the good news is that they are in hundreds, but the bad news most of them fail. The reason? Well, the huge number of apps are either trash or replica of the successful apps.

But there is no point in playing the blame game and citing failure as a result of bad luck.

We here give the 3 basic ways which count for the failure of apps.

  1. These apps get no to very few downloads
  2. The apps that are downloaded are not used more than a week
  3. And those who are used for a while are replaced by better apps which have better functionality.

The performance of the apps is compromised due to certain reasons and they are functionality, complicated performance or maybe the app is/are too outdated.

These are the reasons which are known by all and the app builders are constantly trying to improvise it. But we like to tell you 7 of the most well-known reasons that make the apps fail that can’t be chalked up just too high competition.

  1. Know About the Trends and Your Audience

You can make an app in theory and it might appear fantastic, but in reality, it may fail in practice. you need research to launch a wow app. And how does it help? Because you understand the growing demand for such an app which is solving a certain problem or issue.

Answer the following questions to find the credibility of the app.

  • Are you able to make someone’s life easier with your app?
  • Does your type of app you need to develop have a business opportunity?
  • Are you solving a certain issue which is bothering a huge number of people?
  • Do you have an estimate of what’s the competition like?
  • How much do you estimate that why people will want to use your app?
  • Are you working on your app for Providing a unique experience?
  • Is the idea of the app well- defined practically to be executed?

With these pointers, you can understand that you need immense research to find the relevant answer for the above questions.

However, some may find it boring or tedious but they actually provide relevant data to make your app successful.

  1. Modify the Ways of Your Approach

The web version of the app has to adjust to the phone screen. the screen size, limited functionality, and personalization that it needs to take care of the web version. Users take their smartphones for various jobs and it there with them almost the entire day and they expect applications installed on them to cover all their needs.

If the app is able to fulfill this criterion, it can be estimated as the key test for mobile app developers.

  1. Inadequate Testing

apps crashing or components shutting down are common issues which the app builders need to understand and work on it. Adequate testing rules out such issues and therefore, testing plays an important part in app functionality.

It is not very frequent that app will have minor bugs on launch, but the testing is mandatory to avoid such unfortunate incidents.

  1. Not Knowing About Your Platform

IOS and Android have various ways, different gestures, and have common buttons in different places. If not taken care of the platform related details, it hampers the user experience and can cause an important factor in the functionality of the app.

You will have audiences from all popular platforms and you need to know about the compatibility of the app on these platforms.

  1. Insufficient Marketing of Your Appdesk 3139127 960 720

Marketing is essential and needs constant working on it to get the audience know about the app. Let the audience know about the core functionality of your app and help them to know how the app will tackle their issue or problem.

Also, you need to market your app differently in all possible ways. For example, spread the word about the app on social media, publish blogs and articles, display ads, and even offer app rewards. Make sure your PR campaign should have the app’s integration and simplicity as the fundamental standards.

  1. User Experience Very Poor

This can be for any reason and the most common are

  • Application performance is either slow or lagging issues.
  • The Long registration processes actually annoy the user.
  • The app has too Long load times.
  • Features are difficult and the user does not know how to access.

Apps are built to provide solutions and if they fail due to poor UI or UX then, it is a problem that needs to checked asap.

Having poor UX is a costly mistake and to avoid it, the actions have familiar to the users to get the maximum benefit.

  1. The App Is the Clone of a Popular Application

As the app stores are over saturated, you will not be able to develop a unique app, it will be related or inspired with an already existing app. but, if you fail to imbibe any of the unique features or aspects in functionality, look, and even performance then there is no reason for the users to download and install it.

Competitive research help in this and you need to work on it to make sure you get chances to create your own niche.

Uniqueness and easy functionality are the most important art that contributes to the popularity of the app.

So, finally, you know about app failures reasons

The developers have to be careful about all the reasons mentioned above for app failures. There can be other underlying issues, but these are the most prevalent ones. There are experts who know their job and figure out the ways to avoid such reasons for app failures.

These reasons are cited by the industry experts as they frequently come across and solve them. So, if you are in the same industry check them in the initial stages to rule out such unfortunate instances. After all, it takes a lot of hard work to launch an app.


Author Bio:

Ayushi Choudhary is a blogger working with Appzdevelopment. In her corporate life, she writes many blogs and articles on Android Development, IoS development, and many more.

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