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7 Reasons Why Investors Must Use A Stock Screener for Analysis

Stock marketing is definitely one of the most profitable ways of earning profits. But with a multitude of stocks and myriads of companies, it becomes extremely difficult to select the right stocks. This is where the stock screeners come in. Stock screens allow investors to select the best stocks and invest without risking their hard-earned money. If you're still wondering what more a stock screener can do, then this article is for you. Here, we will discuss the top seven reasons why you should invest in a good quality stock screener. Let's dive in!

What is a stock screener?

Before knowing how it is useful for making informed investment decisions, it is very important to understand what exactly a stock screener is.

A stock screener as the name suggests, a stock analysis tool or software that allows you to sift the right stocks from the pool of thousands of available companies in the stock market. In other words, it is a tool that helps in the technical analysis of stocks and for the same reason, it is also known as a technical stock screener in India.

Further, it analyses different stocks on the basis of preset metrics such as market capitalization, P/E ratio, prices, company background, and so on. Note that these metrics, or say "filters" on the basis of which stocks are screened, are set by users according to their personal preferences. For instance, suppose if you're looking for high-cap companies within a price range of Rs. 2000, then you can set this criteria on your selected stock screener, and it will then show you a list of best stocks matching this criteria.

Now that you know what a technical stock screener in India is and how it works, let's discuss the reasons why it is an indispensable tool for most investors.

7 Reasons why investors must use a stock screener for analysis

It saves time

Selecting the most profitable stocks from thousands of them can be the most challenging task. It requires hours of research and deep analysis to find the right stocks. You need to carry out a thorough technical, and fundamental analysis, which can take days and even weeks. A technical stock screener in India saves a lot of research time by providing you with the stocks you're looking for, in a matter of minutes. What you can do manually in hours, days or weeks, can be done in minutes using the right technical stock screener in India.

It prevents you from making emotional-biased decisions

Emotions are an important part of human life. However, they don't work well in the stock market. Emotions such as greed, fear, excitement, aggression, loyalty, etc. can deeply impact your investment decisions. For instance, you can't simply invest in a stock with a poor financial history and background because you're familiar with the company and have been using their products or services for a long time. Especially if the company is not performing financially well. Stock marketing needs to be mindful, otherwise emotionally biased decisions can badly impact your returns on investment.

Stock screeners save you from making such decisions by providing you with a list of properly researched and analysed stocks. You'll be shown the stocks with good financial performance and minimal risk.

It presents better investment opportunities

Because a technical stock screener in India filters out the companies that meet your desired criteria from a master database containing thousands of stocks, it lets you explore the "undervalued" stocks /companies that are often left unnoticed even when they're performing well. In other words, you can invest in stocks that are capable of offering you higher returns in future.

It allows you to save screens

There are some great stock screeners that allow you to save screens. It means you can save particular screens for future references. In this way, you can access the desired stocks without performing the whole process of setting the screening criteria and performing the research. This accelerates your screening process and gives you more time to think about your final investment decision.

It keeps you updated

The best technical stock screeners send regular alerts and notifications regarding the best-performing stocks, market movements, predictions, corporate events and so on. You can keep yourself updated without having to do the deep market research. You can check out Tickertape’s technical stock screener that uses fundamental indicators.

Saves you from potential losses

One of the biggest reasons why you should invest in a good technical stock screener in India is that it prevents you from putting your hard-earned money in the wrong places. That means you can make safe investments without exposing yourself to potential risks.

Makes you a mindful investor

A stock screener is a tool that helps you increase your knowledge regarding the stocks. It helps you learn the right way of analysing the stocks and companies for making profitable investments.

There is no doubt that stock screeners speed up your research and analysis phase and help you find the right stocks based on your preferences. However, it is not a good idea to depend on them solely. In other words, even after getting the list of best stocks from the tool, you should always cross-check the financial background, current performance and future perspective of the company.

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