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7 reasons why you need an expert criminal lawyer

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The outcome of any case, more often than not, hinges on the expertise of your lawyer. Irrespective of your offense or what you decide to plead, your lawyer should be dedicated and equipped with solid advice to help your case. If you're considering settling for a state-provided lawyer or even representing yourself in court. Think again. This post will highlight seven reasons to hire an expert from Gold Coast Criminal Law.


        It's more stress-free

Laws are complex dynamics, which is why lawyers spend years working on their craft. Even after going to law school, lawyers still require many years of experience to be considered experts, especially in criminal law. Without a solid background in criminal law, you run the risk of not preparing the best possible case. You can't expect to read and understand the hundreds of rules contained in the Criminal Code, the Road Traffic Act, and so on. Instead of disrupting your entire schedule to cram several paragraphs of the various acts, you seek an expert. You'd save yourself a lot of time and energy and be more confident in the days before your trial.


        It reduces your risk exposure.

Engaging a criminal lawyer is a little bit like getting insurance. It might be costly now, but you know you're better off having it in the long run. You stand to lose a lot more money and make more mistakes if you don't have the best representation. Without an experienced person guiding you through the complexities of the law, you could end up paying much higher fines, having your driver's license revoked permanently, getting fired, or even sent to prison. Experts have something you don't, and that's the experience on how to avoid such harsh sentences.


        Backup during cop interrogations

Police interviews can be crucial, depending on the severity of the case. Without proper guidance, you could make slipups that appear inconsequential at the moment, but have a much more significant ripple effect later. It's better to have a backup to avoid saying things that could upset your case. An expert lawyer knows the ins and outs of the law and understands your rights far better than even you. If you're not familiar with your arrest laws, remember that you are entitled to have a lawyer present when being interrogated. Ensure you exercise that right wisely.


        You increase your chances of getting bail.

Trails can be long and brutal and can take a toll on you. They could drag on for several months at a stretch, and sleeping in a cell can be uncomfortable. So bail hearings are almost as the actual trail. More so, bail hearings are a one-time thing, so you don't get a do-over. If the court does not grant you bail during your bail hearing, that's it. Unless there is a drastic change in circumstances that require a change of court, you will lose your only chance. A good criminal lawyer knows how to prepare a proper bail application that highlights points that address your case and advocate for your release.  


        You'll have a more durable case.

Just like in the previous point, criminal lawyers have years of experience drafting bail applications and also representing their clients when things go to trial. Top lawyers can even spot mistakes in your opponent's arguments before reaching a court. Identifying what evidence has enough grounds to be relevant or even admissible in court can be a massive difference in the turn out of your case. So it's not only about having a better argument in front of the judge or jury. It's also about the moments leading up to that. Like contact the prosecution to ensure they don't adduce inadmissible evidence, or provide advice on "favorable" deals the other side might offer.


        Arguing based on public interest

Experienced criminals lawyers can sometimes get a case dismissed in the interest of public safety. Understanding when such arguments are appropriate, or what circumstances they apply to can be tricky for a layman. However, this certainly isn't the case for an expert who can not only identify when such an argument is appropriate but also handle the details. A proper public interest submission, which includes specific criteria, can have to get your charges dropped without a trial. It's one of the best outcomes in a criminal case, and an experienced lawyer is more likely to know how to do it.


        It keeps you out of jail.

Of course, on the other hand, one of the worst possible scenarios of a criminal case is being sentenced to jail for something you didn't do. Not only would you have to face incarceration for anywhere from a couple of months to years, but you'll also have to deal with repercussions of being an ex-convict. With an expert lawyer at your side, even if you plead guilty, you can still avoid imprisonment. It's your lawyer's job to get you out of trouble with the least amount of damage. Depending on what your case, your lawyer could initiate a deal that keeps you from seeing the four walls of a prison cell.


There's an expert in every field. You contact a mechanic when you're having car troubles or seeing a doctor when you're sick. So when you have trouble with the law, obviously you should get a lawyer. The right criminal lawyer will fight for your case and ensure you come out with the best possible outcome.

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