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7 reasons why you need to have an antivirus

Computer threats take advantage of flaws and vulnerabilities in particular versions of an operating system and in applications, which opens the possibility of infection regardless of the performance of the operating system used.

1. Diversity of threats

The term "antivirus" was coined in the collective subconscious. These types of tools have evolved from detecting only computer viruses to becoming complete security solutions. It provides many other functionalities such as firewall, antispam and antiphishing filters or scanning of memory, among others, that provide comprehensive protection to the system and allow you to navigate safely in the current context of threats.

2. Variety in the way of spreading

Undoubtedly, Social Engineering is one of the attackers' primary mechanisms to spread their threats. Often, user interaction is needed to run a file, open a document or download something on their mobile device. From there, the infection begins.

However, it is not the only thing that attackers use, as there are techniques that do not require a user to interact with the threat for it to be installed. For example, injecting an iframe into a vulnerable website can lead an attacker to install something on the user's device without being aware of what is happening.

3. Growth in the number of detections

we talked about that on average, around 200,000 different samples were processed every day; at the end of 2016, this number was close to 300,000. This without forgetting that, only from ESET, updates of several thousand signatures for malware targeting Windows are released every few days.

If to the above, we add that everything we see in ESET is not the only thing that can happen in the cybercrime ecosystem. These numbers may be higher.

4. Vulnerable technologies accommodate different threats

In addition, to the above is added the variety of languages used by attackers, which extend their possibilities of affecting systems: from compiled languages ​​to scripting, they are used to attack various platforms.

5. Affected platforms

Without a doubt, most malicious code is focused on affecting Windows operating systems. Still, it is becoming increasingly common to find threats to other methods such as Mac OS X or Linux, even though many continue to believe in their invulnerability.

6. Threat concentration

It is a reality that a security solution will not stop all the attacks that a user may be a victim of, but it will serve to prevent infection in the vast majority of cases. Considering the growth in the amount of malicious code circulating, it is essential not to leave the protection to chance.

7. Use of the device

The use that is given to the device is essential to prevent infection. When it is shared, the chances of being a victim of a cybercriminal increase; For example, have you thought about what your son, cousin, uncle, or girlfriend can download when you lend him your equipment so that he can be distracted for a while?

Beyond the discussion about who you should or should not lend your phone to, someone who gains control for a moment could execute something malicious by mistake or ignorance. And if we talk about strangers, the possibility increases and includes the potential intention to harm.

Ensuring that we are going to be safe goes beyond just having an antivirus installed: knowing the threats and how they spread, in addition to making good use of technology, mainly keeping operating systems and applications updated, help to have real protection against all kinds of threats.

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