7 Remedies to Try To Treat Cough Naturally


Everyone needs special care regarding our health so that they can be healthy and happy. It is easier for young people to tell their health related problems that they are facing but in toddlers, the parents need to be more cautious. They cannot speak and cannot express their feelings and that is why you must take extra care of your kids. Due to seasonal changes, your kids may face common infections like cold and cough. Both these infections are so common in kids. You cannot give medications to your kids and that is why you can look for the natural treatment for cold or cough.  

A weak immune system causes more infections in kids and that is why you must focus on building the immunity of their kids. Hard immunity will help your kids fight germs and infections and will make them healthier. Ayurveda offers natural cough medicine for kids so that it cannot harm them in any way. There are so many home remedies available that you can try on your kids to treat cough. These are: 

  • Give fluids: It is important to fulfill the fluid requirement in a kid’s body. Staying hydrated is important for the kids as well. You must serve an adequate amount of water to your kids in different ways. 
  • Honey is helpful: Honey is having so many benefits and you must choose the purest honey for your kids. It is a kind of natural sweetener with no side effects. Even a sore throat of your kids can also be treated with the help of honey. The antibacterial properties present in honey will be helpful to treat cough. 
  • Use vapor rub: You can use vapor rub on the chest of your kids to relieve them. You can also use vapor rub as a natural steamer. 
  • Give steam whenever necessary: Giving steam to your kids will help in easing nasal congestion. It will loosen their chest and helps them in easy breathing. You can even convert your bathroom into a steam room for your kids or can use a steamer but carefully. 
  • Use of humidifier: You can use a humidifier from a reputed brand in your kid’s room. It will help to keep their airways moist and clear. They are available in many sizes and you can use them accordingly. 
  • Make them learn how to gargle: Gargling can be very helpful in the situation of cough. You must make your kids learn how to attempt gargles. It is one of the easiest and inexpensive remedies that will give them relief from coughing. 
  • Prefer hot over cold things: Your kids will do every possible effort to eat or drink chilled things even in coughing. But it is your responsibility to serve only hot things to them. Avoid fried food, soft drinks, spicy food, etc if they are coughing. 

So, these are some of the remedies to try along with the ayurvedic cough syrup for a child. You must take precautions to prevent the cough to become severe.