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7 Resources That Can Help Your Sales Team

Do you find that your sales team has trouble getting sales? Are they stressed or unorganized? Consider giving your team more resources to help them grow. Then, you can watch the profits roll in. Here are a few resources to offer.

1. Experts

One of the best resources, especially for new sales employees, is experts. Having new employees work with expert salespeople can help them learn sales skills and techniques. Then, your entire sales team can become experts.

But your sales team can also benefit from industry experts. If your sales team doesn't understand what they're selling, it will be harder for them to convince customers to buy something. Bringing in experts on your product or service gives your sales team a chance to ask questions and learn more about the offer they're talking about each day.

2. Marketing

Sales and marketing go hand in hand, so your sales team should be able to work with the marketing team. Your sales representatives can understand what is going on with the newest marketing campaign. Then, your sales reps will know what questions to expect from customers.

On the other hand, your sales team can be a resource for the marketing team. If you get a lot of the same questions during sales calls, your sales team can tell the marketing team to include answers to those questions in marketing materials. Collaborating with other teams can make the entire company more successful.

3. Management

As a manager, you should also be available to support your sales team. Sales reps should feel comfortable coming to you with questions or problems. After all, you probably know more about the company and the systems you use.

You can be a resource for basic sales questions and more big-picture things. If your sales team can come to you for help, you can make sure they learn. Then, you can help them improve their work in the future. While you may have other tasks to complete at work, you're one of the best resources for your sales team.

4. Software

Sales software can help you keep track of leads and manage sales. And tools like Sales Force automation allow you to make doing all of that even easier. Then, your sales team won't have to waste time organizing information and finding leads.

While you can use a spreadsheet or document to manage leads, the software is quicker. The right program even offers more advanced features to help you track when you contact each lead. That way, you can avoid annoying some leads while ignoring others. Instead, you can balance when you contact all of your leads to improve your chances of getting sales.

5. Data

While not a traditional resource, being able to look at sales data is essential. Your sales team can review data for past months and years to see how sales performed. If one month is always slower than average, then your team will know not to freak out if their sales drop that same month.

You and your team can also use data as a resource to predict future sales. By tracking sales trends, you can determine if you will be busy one month. Then, you can prepare your team to handle the increase in work. If you want to better understand the data, you can work with a data analyst to go through the details, but you can go over the data yourself.

6. Time

Time can be a very valuable resource for your sales team. While you may want to get more sales quickly, you can't always control that. Instead of forcing your sales team to get sale after sale, try to give them more time. Then, they can talk to customers and learn about their problems.

Your sales team can then change each call to match that customer's needs. They won't have to follow a script and come off as pushy. While they may not get every sale, they may be able to convince some people to buy who wouldn't have if they felt pressured by the sales rep.

7. Training

Another beneficial resource for your sales team is ongoing training. Whenever you come up with new products or services, your sales team should learn about them. You should also provide training any time you want people to use different sales techniques.

Training can be as simple as a handbook or as complex as a full seminar or course. Consider what you want your sales team to learn. Then, you can decide how to present the information so that they can learn and grow. That way, your sales team can keep getting sales to help grow the company.


Managing a sales team can be hard, and providing the right resources is essential. Keep these ideas in mind next time you want to help your sales reps do their jobs. Then, you can watch them and your business succeed.


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