7 Services You Should Offer Once You Become A Certified Life Coach

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Depending on the coaching’s specific goals, the definition of a life coach can vary. In general, a life coach counsels clients by encouraging them on a range of personal and professional issues.

It’s essential to note that administering therapy, mentoring, counseling, consulting, and even giving advice is different from life coaching. Life coaches must obtain licenses from certified life coach training centers, like iNLP Center, which can be done by enrolling in classes and learning coaching skills.

A person would hire you as a life coach to have someone help them with specific transitions, personal goals, and professional projects. A coach can help by analyzing the client's current situation and identifying limiting beliefs, obstacles that the client face, and other potential challenges. By doing so, you can devise a custom plan of action that’ll help your client achieve specific outcomes in life.

Wondering what specific services you should offer once you’re done taking an NLP course and have finally obtained your life coach certification? Here are your top options:

  • Career Coaching

Career coaching is the guidance, support, and assistance that people need in order to figure out things so that they can reach their ultimate career goal. A professional career coach is there to advise, ask questions, and assist people with whatever obstacles they’re facing in their career search.


Individuals who are experiencing problems with their career or if they feel as if they’re not progressing at a fast-enough rate can always turn to a coach. Many coaches will provide clients with advice on whether it would be better to work at a more stable company for the rest of their career or whether they should try something new for a while. They may also counsel clients on things that they’ve never considered before.

A coach can help a job seeker to understand how they got to where they are now and how to keep moving forward in their chosen careers. The person who’s having trouble getting into a stable job will be given the opportunity to understand the job market and what kind of job might be best for them.

A career coach may also provide insight as to what skills they should develop in order to make a good impression to their prospective employers. By understanding the basics of the job market, a job seeker can make more informed decisions on which jobs will be the most desirable.

Many people choose to use career coaching as a means of self-improvement. The person who has undergone this type of coaching will understand the difference between the good jobs and the bad ones and be able to recognize good opportunities when they present themselves. This is a great way to find an ideal career path for themselves and to make sure that they’re making the right decisions.

When getting your startup life coaching business up and running, career coaching is truly an in-demand service that you can offer. It’ll give you a chance to help a lot of people who are having career-related issues in an increasingly unstable work environment that the world has today.

  • Happiness Coaching

Happiness coaching is an ideal career choice for the person who enjoys helping other people achieve their goals. This type of coaching ensures that the goal-achiever has a sense of personal satisfaction. It can also help give a good start to a person’s life by making them more confident and happier. 

Happiness coaching can be effective for all ages and for all types of careers, so it's a career that can be both satisfying and profitable. If you're interested in a career that’ll help you become financially independent, then maybe this is the profession for you. 

Happiness coaches must have a number of things in common with anyone else who seeks the same career. They need to enjoy helping others achieve personal, spiritual, and social goals. They also need to have a flair for motivation and determination. These are skills that are not innate as it can only be developed over time. It also helps if the coach is open-minded and willing to be as honest and realistic as possible.

  • Divorce Coaching

If people are feeling that they’re not sure where to go after they've filed for divorce, they might want to look into divorce coaching. Such coaching can help people feel better about the process and help them move forward on their own as they deal with their feelings.

There's a lot of support out there for individuals who are going through a difficult time after filing for divorce. People just have to make sure thatthey take advantage of that support system and find a good divorce coach for themselves.

Divorce coaching will help individuals to clearly understand what's going on in their marriage and what they can do to get better as an individual.Divorce coaching also helpspeople to see that they’re not alone in dealing with their divorce.

Divorce coaching can give individuals the tools that they need to make it through a difficult time period without making it worse for themselves. As a divorce coach, you can help people set realistic goals and be aware of the things that they need to do to achieve those goals. You can help individuals learn more about themselves and their needs, and how to make those needs a reality in their life.

As a divorce coach, you can give people the tools to get over the trauma that they went through their divorce and help them to come out stronger. You can help them learn to love themselves more and to start to see life in a whole new way. Divorce coaching can help individuals to come out of a difficult time in their lives with their heads held high.

Divorce coaching can benefit people if they’re looking to find some answers to their questions and seek some direction. A divorce coach can help them find the strength that they need to keep moving forward with their lives and to realize that they have a chance at being happy. Divorce coaching can also help individuals make a plan that they’ll follow to achieve all their goals.

  • Fear Coaching

Fear coachingis a new method of treating anxiety and panic attacks in which people are exposed to very real fear scenarios. This type of treatment has proven to be successful in many cases as many patients have reported complete relief from their attacks after just one session. The most important thing to remember when doing this type of therapy is that it should be done with an open mind.

Anxiety and panic attacks occur because the human brain is making an individual afraid. It's a normal reaction to anything that’s out of the ordinary and that can be scary at times. This results in the human body going into fight or flight mode, which leads to anxiety attacks. Since people are in survival mode, they make a conscious decision to either fight or run. Individuals may find that they can't do either of these activities because you're having a panic attack. They don't want to die or they’re afraid that they’re going to get sick. Now, fortunately, they have a choice and they can take action to combat their fears through fear coaching.

Fear coaching helps people overcome their problems by exposing them to their fears. They learn to face their fears rather than run away from them. People who have suffered from panic attacks have found that they learned how to confront their fears and that their attacks went away after that, which is good news for them.

When clients learn how to face their fears instead of running away from them,they become a much healthier and confident person.

  • Health And Wellness Coaching

Coaches emphasize a triumvirate of skills: behavioral, nutritional, and personal training. In fact, most certifications focus on a triumvirate; they also cover an overview of the field, such as the role of exercise science in the practice of health and fitness, nutrition, and personal development.

How can you improve your own life and help others achieve their fitness goals? Coaches can provide a solid foundation for personal improvement and work with their clients to develop a plan that includes the three disciplines mentioned above.

What’s the difference between a health and wellness coach and a fitness coach? Both offer guidance and help people develop a healthy lifestyle. However, coaches offer additional training and education on nutrition, fitness science, psychology, etc.

For example, a fitness coach may work with a client on a personalized nutrition plan that emphasizes a healthy diet, exercise, sleep, stress management, and stress-reduction techniques. On the other hand, a health and wellness coach may specialize in helping individuals overcome addictions, learn how to cope with emotional distress, and improve communication skills.

Thus, health coaches work with clients to develop an action plan for improving their physical, emotional, mental and/or psychological well-being, as well as their overall health and wellness.

  • Money Coaching

Money coaching is an entirely different paradigm and an entirely new field of self-help that combine practical financial advice along with sound mental principles to assist peoplein learning how to develop and maintain a relationship with money,allowing them to lead a financially fulfilled and happy life.

Many people feel insecure because they simply don't know where or when to turn to when it comes to their personal finances. They may not realize how important it is to learn how to manage their own personal finances and, thus, requiring the need of a financial manager. When it comes to improving people’s financial situation as a money coach, it's essential to develop an efficient and sustainable relationship between your client and their finances.

For those people who suffer from the financial pressures associated with being under-employed, it's important to understand the root causes of under-saving and under-spending so that they’ll be able to overcome these obstacles and get their finances in order. With the right guidance on how to create a sound, personal finance system, they’ll be able to set up a realistic budget and consistently stick to it. This way, they’ll be able to manage their finances effectively and learn the value of discipline in managing their financial life.

Many people struggle with their financial situation, yet, there are some people who simply don't know where or when to turn to. If people feel they’re suffering from financial pressure, then they should seek the help of a certified coach who can guide them in creating a realistic financial strategy that’ll aid in reducing their debt. Once they begin to create a budget for themselves, it’ll become easier for them to manage their money. They’ll be able to stay organized and follow through with their plans as they come to fruition.

Once they finally learn how to manage their finances, they’ll learn how to become the financial manager that they always dreamed of becoming.

  • Relationship Coaching

Relationship coaching is a program of counseling that involves working with individuals and businesses to resolve conflicts and difficulties within their relationships. This process can be beneficial in several ways for both individuals and businesses. For business owners, it can improve overall relationships with customers, employees, and other partners.

While many turn to psychotherapy or marriage counseling as a means of resolving conflicts within their own relationships, relationship coaching is positive, goal-oriented professions. It offers a way of helping people find ways to overcome conflict without having to enter into costly litigation.

Through relationship coaching, individuals learn the skills necessary to create effective, mutually beneficial relationships that lead to mutually beneficial outcomes. Additionally, relationship coaches help individuals build the necessary skills for them to make healthy, lasting connections with others in their lives.

Final Thoughts

Since life coaching works for people, it’s no wonder why it’s the second-fastest growing field or profession in the world right now. As a life coach, you should be offering one of the services mentioned above and help other people maximize their potential, allowing them to perform at the top of their game every day.