7 Simple Tips to Have a Positive Weekend


Lo and Behold! What is already here?- Friday. Isn't it synonymous with joy! Finally, after waiting for a whole week and working your socks off, you have some time to relax and get some peace of mind. But it will be in your hands, how you absorb some positivity in these couple of days which can then help you negotiate the next one week which will probably be full of hard work and challenges.

Following are a few easy ways that help you have a positive weekend.


  • Don't oversleep.


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Don't disturb the sleep clock your body has maintained for the past week. Granted that we all need to sleep to get over the exhaustion of the last five days but oversleeping will leave you fatigued through the weekend. It will be much better to have small afternoon naps of twenty to forty minutes to counter your tiredness and increase your alertness over time.


  • Organize.


The week has been hard on you, your cupboard is all rampaged, papers spread over whole rooms. The kitchen looks like a war zone and the bathroom is all shabby. The first impression of your space makes you anxious. It will give you great satisfaction to organize and clean your place. It takes some time but an accomplished task, in the end, will be a perfect way to be productive in a nice way. And in the end, one can always go into a clean, made-up bed to chill.


  • Meet Friends/Family. 


Through the week, in work and other professional liabilities, we forget to spend time with our near and dear ones. Reach out to your family and spend some quality time. You have that friend that you miss and always wanted to check on and could not make the time, go make that phone call. Socializing will lower your stress levels a lot leaving only positive thoughts in your mind for the Monday morning.


  • Minimize screen time.


Spend the least amount of time on your smartphone and laptop.. It is essential to clear the cache after some time and it has to be done on the weekends. Yeah, some amount of Netflix and chill is OK but do not make your whole weekend about sitting in front of screens.


  • Spend time outdoors.


Take a walk around your neighborhood or better still,  go for a trek with your friends. Absorb the fresh air. You will need it in your office or cubicle in the coming week.


  • Eat healthy food.


The weekend is here. One does not need to go to a fast-food outlet to quickly be done with your meals as many people do on weekdays. Cook some healthy food at home and enjoy it with your family.


  • Switch off the office.


In the back of mind, one has a lot of things related to office work. Relax, you will deal with it when the time comes.
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This is your time for yourself.


  • Praying and meditation.


Praying and meditation help you in focusing, improves your creative thinking, and reconnects you to the essence of life. Read the best books on spirituality. It soothes your mind and soul and reconnects you to nature. You start feeling like a human instead of a work-driven machine which you were for the past week.

The weekend is meant to revitalize oneself. It is important to have a hobby, be it a sport or any other thing which you were really interested in since childhood. The things that you loved to do but don't make time for any longer. Paint, dance, sing! The world is your playground for the next two days.