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7 Smart Ideas for Laundry Makeovers on a Budget

Well, you need a functional and convenient laundry to complete your daily chores with ease. If working in your laundry space is not practical, then perhaps it’s time to upgrade. Sometimes, upgrades don’t mean you need to go in for complete laundry makeovers. 

Instead, you can expand or create storage, replace your laundry equipment such as washer and drier, replace the benchtop and apply some decorations. However, if you plan to go for full-fledged laundry renovations, then hire reputed laundry builders for immaculate craftsmanship, as well as, sleek, functional design and clean lines. 

You can upgrade your laundry room that has more space, convenient to work in, functional and visually appealing. Sounds interesting – Right! So, let’s get into more details on how to obtain a laundry makeover on a budget.

1. Adequate Storage

Modernising the insides of your existing laundry cabinets will be more cost-effective as compared to getting brand new cabinets. Besides, you can install separate wire laundry bins for managing dirty and clean laundry, and apply other upgrades such as extra shelves, drawers and storage for pet items. An adequate amount of storage solutions within your cabinets will provide you with decent bench space for sorting your clothes.

2. Mount Washing Machine & Dryer Machine Under the Benchtop

In case you have a small space, then the best option is to go with front-loading washing machine and dryer machine so you can easily mount them under your working benchtop. This arrangement will not only free up space around your sink but also create a designated dry area for folding and sorting clothes. Well, your laundry might just be needing some extra space.

3. Upgrade the Benchtop

If your laundry benchtop is showing its age or not looking good, then it’s time to upgrade it. You’ll get modern benchtops in various material choices such as engineered stone, marble, granite, lacquered wood and laminate, to name a few. Besides, if you’re having an all-white laundry, then go for contrasting shade material for benchtop, which will generate intriguing visual appeal.

However, if you’re on a tight budget, then you can go with laminate benchtop as you’ll get them in any style, resembling wood, granite etc. Regardless of the benchtop material you choose, ensure the material is moisture resistant.

4. New Laundry Sink

If you’re renovating your laundry, then installing a new sink would add a zing to space. You can get some fabulous sinks that will effortlessly upgrade the look and feel of your laundry without denting your pocket. Besides, you can pair your new sink with a new tap that will add to the sophistication.

Ensure buying a deep sink so that you can effortlessly soak clothes, as well as, soft and delicate hand-washing stuff. It is imperative to buy a quality sink that does not catch rust due to moisture and laundry chemicals.

5. Set Aside Budget for Laundry Equipment & Tools

Every laundry requires some essential equipment and tools that includes washing machine, dryer, sink, shelving for stain removers, detergents, laundry additives, drying rack, Ironing board and Iron. These items can get pricier, so before you invest your hard-earned money, you should spend time to shop around so that you can grab the best deals.

6. Lighting Up the Laundry Space

Lighting can change the whole atmosphere of your laundry at a fraction of cost. Warmly lighting up your laundry space will make it more welcoming. You can obtain it by using energy-saving down-lights and flush mounts. Besides, you may consider long ceiling lights, track lighting and under-cabinet lighting.

7. Styling Up Your Laundry Space

You can consider hanging some artwork that you like and place a show-stopping plant at one corner to bring greenery in and make the place lively. Besides, you can place an elegant rug or runner in the laundry to make the area welcoming.

The Bottom Line

Well, using these simple tricks, you can upgrade your laundry space for functionality, convenience and aesthetic appeal without going for complete laundry makeovers, which will help you to save significantly.


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