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7 Strategies To Help boost your PPC Campaign in 2020

PPC Campaigns are set up by almost all businesses in this era. It is the most effective and efficient way to increase brand awareness. What points do I need to take note of to keep up with all the other campaigns out there? What can I do differently to differentiate my campaign from others? How can I further improve the performance of my PPC Campaign? Do I need to hire a PPC Freelancer? If you even have a hint of these questions in your head, this article will help you get a solution for those questions.


  • Make your ads responsive

Developments in Machine Learning have brought about this useful feature of not only responsive ads but responsive searches as well. They are quickly taking over the default options for many platforms including Google. It is available in both their standard display and smart display campaign options. What you have to do is upload all content and assets you have related to your marketing strategy onto the platform. With a complex and accurate algorithm based on ML, Google itself tries out all possible combinations, predicts your PPC results for those combinations and suggests the optimal combination of all your assets. This way you can experiment with multiple ideas and figure out which fusion can bring the best exposure.


  • Use creative ways to find your audience

Remarketing to a similar audience can increase your conversion rates by up to 40%. Google and Facebook which are some of the most popular PPC platforms have Ad managers with very useful features that help you identify such audiences. Facebook’s Lookalike and Google’s Similar Audiences feature analyzes your present pool of audience. Being a social media platform, it has access to customer files, app and offline activity, website traffic, etc. It uses this data as a reference and identifies new target audiences for your brand. Hence, experimenting with these features could get you to target audiences of unmatched accuracy.


  • Ensure your landing pages are mobile-first

Not paying enough attention to the mobile-friendliness of your PPC campaign is a common mishap that stunts the growth of many businesses. To keep up to date with the times, we need to understand that almost half the amount of traffic on the internet is from smartphones. People find it easier to shop with the help of mobile apps, online transactions, etc. Therefore, you need to ensure your website is optimized for a mobile phone. Ensure your landing page can be accessed quickly, is functional and adapts to the format of a mobile phone to make the most of your PPC campaign and keep the sales coming in.


  • Extensions for Ads

Ad networks like Google are continuously developing their system and what they have to offer. Hence, it will be beneficial to look out for valuable ad extensions that could boost the efficiency of your PPC Ad campaign. Some of the rudimentary extensions include.


Call extensions

You are basically including your number in the ad which people can directly call when using a mobile phone. Your consumers can contact you in an instant. This extension works best for businesses that deal with services such as repair or other emergencies.


Message Extensions

You can add your number or email address for consumers to send you a text or email respectively. This is more suited for hospitality and enquiry services. You can even look for a plugin that could get you a chatbot that replies with automated messages.


Price Extensions


If your business involves selling merchandise, you can put up the prices right beside an image of the product itself. This way, it will be very convenient for people partaking in online shopping. This extension is mandatory for businesses that run eCommerce stores.


  • A/B Testing

A/B testing is a method of comparison of two different versions of a website or an app to find out which one fares better. As tempting as it is to set up your campaign and just sit back and let it do its job. You may be missing out the opportunity to maximise your revenue because A/B Testing analyzes several key factors namely location targeting, audience targetting, bidding, etc. This way you can make informed decisions on your social media marketing strategy.


  • Choose multiple platforms to advertise

Google has a huge reach there is no denying that. It is one of the most trusted PPC campaigns that businesses go after because of how affordable it is while being effective.


However, you should not limit yourself to just Google Adwords as sometimes people do not learn about a brand by directly searching for it on Google. Social Media plays a huge part in brand awareness, especially for newer businesses. Social Media such as Facebook has its own PPC Campaign as well. You can create business handles and make a dedicated PPC campaign with a variety of assets such as images, gif, videos, etc. Social Media focused PPC campaigns can be rather informal as well. So, if your main objective is to build brand awareness and get a loyal customer following, you might want to consider investing in PPC campaigns from multiple platforms.


  • Remarketing is the new marketing

If you were to take the effort to set up remarketing as one of the strategies used in your PPC campaigns, consumers are 70% more likely to buy from you than go to your competitors when they make a purchase. Many times consumers may visit your page and browse or even add items to the cart. But ended up abandoning it because they were busy. Remarketing is basically the process of identifying such customers and marketing to them again to ensure they are not making a purchase only because they do not want that product and not because they simply forgot about it. Google Analytics has the feature to identify this target group of people and customise ads to show up for them. Hence, remarketing can significantly boost your sales.


PPC till this day remains one of the most powerful tools for Digital Marketing. To remain competitive in this method of Digital Marketing, be sure to implement the point shared above. All the best for the success of your PPC campaign.

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