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7 Surprising Health Benefits of Yoga

From thousands of years, the ancient art of science is deliberately into the practice of bestowing the treasure of good health to its practitioners. Yoga is the mystic science that helps us to attain two of life’s greatest blessing - good health and good sense. Born in India in the lap of pristine nature, yoga aids us to live a natural life that has been parting away by our modern lifestyle. Not merely a physical practice, the holistic art is one source of balancing mind, body, emotions and spirit.

Yoga is a way of living, and surely is the greatest gift to the human race. The mythical practice of yoga is something that brings inner strength, calms the mind, raises self-confidence and does all good to your health. Yoga has transformative powers, crediting to its larger than life benefits.

Yoga benefits are countless, and to gain more, commence the yogic voyage with Yoga teacher training in Nepal. So here the surprising benefits of yoga that can be attained with regular practice.

1. Improves digestion

Yoga teaches discipline, the practice induces good eating habits and lifestyle change, and all this impacts your digestive functioning. There are a lot of yoga postures that are highly beneficial for improving digestion, massage the internal organs and make the bowel movements easy. Indigestion creates a ruckus to your health but with yoga and yogic diet, you can improve the overall gut health. Yoga also curbs the unnecessary hunger pangs, food craving, makes digestion easy, boosts metabolism and hence reduces weight.

2. Better Flexibility and Good Posture

We all know that yoga strengthens the body, but the daily practice makes you firm and flexible. With the regular practice you stretch and tone the muscles, make them strong and this enhances body flexibility. It also improves body posture and balance preventing the risk of injury, and also adds to your personality. The practice increases body energy and keeps you fresh and charged up.

3. Boosts Brain Functioning

Not only the physical aspect, but yoga also works on improving mental well-being. The regular practice enhances the functioning of the brain by calming it, using breath and body sync as a key to bring clarity of mind. Synching breath with the body movement at a steady pace brings consciousness, reduces stress and helps in focusing better. It prevents mental condition by stabilizing the emotions and makes you more productive and positive.

4. Improves Immunity 

The weak immune system means more chances of catching infectious diseases and falling sick. According to a study, yoga boosts immunity at the cellular level through changes in gene expression. With a month of practice, you start feeling the transformation but stick to the practice to maintain and strengthen of the internal defence system.

5. Sparks up Sex Life 

Studies suggest that with the regular practice of the holistic art one reduces stress level by decreasing the cortisol level.  Stress has a negative effect on the body and mind that result in many health issues including lower libido or sexual desire. Yoga sparks up the sex life and helps you rekindle the romance. It also increases the energy that raises the sex drive and helps you to have a stronger orgasm and enhance performance in bed.

6. Brings Spiritual Awareness

The practice of yoga and its various aspects challenges the mind, body and emotions, balances it and lets us begin the inner journey.  Yoga and meditation maintain harmony both internally and externally, cultivates awareness, quietens the mind, brings inner peace and makes us feel empowered. These together make you meet the spiritual being and forms unification with the universal conscience.

7. Ideal for Deep Relaxation

One of the biggest benefits of yoga is that it reduces the stress that leads to deep relaxation of the mind, body and emotions. Relaxation is required for proper body and mind functioning. During the 200 Hour yoga teacher training in Nepal, you learn various therapies and deep relaxation techniques for greater and better benefits.

Yoga is much more than physical aspects it is beyond your imagination and works towards benefitting you from head-to-toe.

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