7 Surprising Ways to Beat Writer's Block


Picture This: You're sitting at your computer about ready to write an article. About an hour ago, you had all these incredible ideas you were going to write about, and then suddenly, poof! You can't remember what you were going to write at all! 

It happens to all of us. Even the most skilled of writers have to deal with writer's block from time to time. I'm even struggling right now as I type this! But instead of getting frustrated and throwing in the towel, find your inspiration again. 

Here are some useful yet surprising ways to beat writer's block. Let's learn how to conquer writer's block together! 

1. Stick to a Routine 

Like forgetting how to play tennis when you haven’t played in months, it's the same with writing. Unless you're consistently writing, you're bound to get rusty. 

Fortunately, if you make it a habit to write religiously, then you'll less likely suffer from writer's block. Commit to creating a routine and write for half an hour a day. It'll prevent you from getting rusty and improve your writing! 

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Consistently writing will prevent you from losing out on writing excellent content for yourself or others. 

2. Journal About Your Writer's Block 

It seems funny journaling about how you have writer's block. But it's better to write about something than nothing at all. Be honest with yourself and write about what your fears are. Your worries could be that you're not confident in the subject or you're overthinking everything. 

While journaling about your frustration, you'll unknowingly loosen up. Try going back to the writing assignment you were working on, and you'll likely have free-flowing words! 

3. Drink Some Caffeine 

So caffeine isn't that great for you, but if it'll prevent writer's block, why not have a cup of coffee or two? 

If a deadline is coming up and your goal is to complete an article on time, keep writing. Luckily, caffeine will help with that. 

But, try breaking it up by writing for half an hour and then taking a break by drinking some caffeine. Diet Coke or coffee should do the trick! Caffeine can be your reward and keep you awake simultaneously. 

As long as it won't keep you up all night when it's time for bed, it can help you stay focused and get the job done! 

4. Try a New Writer's Tool 

Believe it or not, but sometimes what platform you use to write on can be the problem. Writer's block may strike because you don't need a change of scenery, but rather, a change of software! 

To try this technique, get off Google Docs (or wherever else you're writing) and use novel software instead. A few different kinds of software to check out are Reedsy Book Editor, Fast Pencil, and Evernote. 

5. Stop Trying to Be Perfect 

Perfection blows, and unfortunately, it's usually what causes writer's block. To write, you convince yourself that everything has to sound perfect. But in reality, there's no such thing as perfect writing. 

So do yourself a favor and just start writing. Don't worry about the grammar or it not sounding good enough. You have to start somewhere. Editing and making your writing sound better can come later. 

6. Try Something New 

Sometimes all it takes is leaving your desk and going on a mini-adventure. Inspiration strikes when you try new things and meet new people. 

If you've been yearning to go to a local museum or walk to a nearby park, do that! A small break will give you a chance to breathe and experience new sites and smells. And inspiration may strike if you've been struggling to write about a particular subject. 

By the time you get back from your adventure, you'll be ready to write again! 

7. Find Some Podcasts About Writing 

Podcasts have really taken off. There's a podcast about everything these days, including writing! 

An example of a podcast to listen to is the High Income Business Writing Podcast by Ed Gandia. Ed shares writing tips with his audience, who are freelance writers. He guides them on how to find success by forming excellent writing habits! 

Listening to writing podcasts like Ed's will enable you to soak up all sorts of tips. Professionals who can offer guidance and motivation will help you become a better writer. And as an improved writer, you'll be better armed to conquer writer's block when it hits!
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Doesn't it feel good knowing that writer's block happens to everyone? It's not fun having to battle against yourself to try to explain things correctly. But you can take comfort knowing that even the best writers deal with it from time to time. 

Feel better, because now you have tools that will help banish your writer's block the next time it hits. I give you permission to stop being so hard on yourself and write about things that matter to you! You're an incredible writer who was born to touch others with your craft. So get to it!