Monday, September 25, 2023
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7 Talent Sourcing Tips to Find the Best Real Estate Agents

In this article, you will discover seven tricks that will help in your real estate agent talent sourcing journey!


One of the biggest challenges real estate recruiters have to face is discovering or sourcing agents. The reason being, the enormous competition among brokerages on the hunt for suitable recruits. If your goal is to scout top-performing agents, you need to work on your agency's talent sourcing strategy. Seven factors suggested below can help you do so. 


Use Social Media to its Full Advantage 


Social media is an integral part of modern life. It can become a handy recruitment tool if you know how to make use of it to your benefit. Thousands of people are seeking jobs across social media platforms. This increases the chances of diversifying your pool of candidates. 


There are plenty of potential candidates available, but you have to make your brand visible to them. Always keep your profiles updated and create a unique image to boost outreach. Try to actively engage in conversations relevant to real estate, which can be found easily via keywords and hashtags. You may also take the help of filters to scale down your list of potential recruitments. You can even use websites for real estate executive recruiters to look for suitable candidates. 


Divide Sourcers and Recruiters and Assign Specific Roles


Sourcers direct suitable candidates, whereas recruiters handle the recruitment process of those picked by sourcers. Thus, the job description separates their role and lets them focus on their respective goals. This enables the sourcers to spend more time locating recruits who match all requirements, while recruiters can take their time to evaluate them. 


This tip may not seem feasible, particularly if your recruitment team is small. If that is the case, try streamlining both the sourcing and recruiting procedures. Create a timeline for the sourcing phase, so that excess time is not wasted looking only for potential recruits.


Revisit Previously Rejected Candidates 


You might have rejected a couple or more agents for valid reasons while working as a real estate recruiter. They must have had shortcomings due to which they were turned down. However, keep their resumes or CVs in file for future reference. 


While in hindsight, this may not look like a good idea, but it has quite a few advantages! One reason being you already know that the said candidate is interested in working for your brokerage. Moreover, in between the time of you initially interviewing them, it is very probable they have gained experience and developed more skills. 


Prepare for Future Recruitments by Sourcing 


You are naturally looking for real estate agents to fill in your company's vacant positions while recruiting. There is nothing wrong with this, however, being proactive may be a better approach. If you source candidates for hiring them in the future, you will be prepared when there are empty spots. 


You may be wondering how exactly it works. You should check out your company's business strategies as well as its hiring history. You will be able to identify trends from there and thus make a forecast of hiring needs. With your early prepared lineup of candidates, you can stay ahead of your competitors. It will also help your company grow in the sense that if there are changes in the workforce, you will have no issue adapting to it.

Make a Decision as Soon as Possible


Taking sufficient time is very important to hire the most suitable real estate agents for your brokerage. But, make sure not to prolong yours. If you find someone who's qualified, without delay, decide or offer a contract. Otherwise, it may give your competitors a chance to get their hands on a fantastic candidate. 


You also need to value your applicants' time. Do your best to keep them updated even if they are rejected. You may need to get in touch with them during the hiring process. Thus, try to ensure that constant communication is possible and that you can contact them when required. 


Attend Recruitment Events


It's only normal to attend recruitment events if you are a recruiter. In addition to that, you should also stay active in non-recruitment events such as networking parties. Be on the lookout for your local real estate agents to hold formal meetups. Professional organizations have conferences and workshops, too; you can locate them in your industry calendar for workshops or seminars. Skilled and passionate job seekers often gather in these events, so you'll have a good time.


Look for Recruits Internally


Last but not least, were you aware that one of the better pools of candidates may have been harboring near you all along? This applies especially if you need recruits for senior positions. For top posts, examine your existing employees, promote the deserving person instead of hiring new people. For other positions, you can contemplate lateral movement too! There may be people already on board looking to diversify, develop new skills, or be responsible for different tasks.


Internal hiring lowers the time required to locate qualified employees. Also, it comes with the certainty that they are a good fit for your brokerage. While you're at it, ask your employees if they have people they can refer to replace them in their previous posts.




While you source candidates, it is important to understand that there is no unequivocal strategy that will help you find a suitable hire. Not everything works for everyone, and depending on your requirements, techniques may vary. You will probably have to try out a couple of tactics and tweak them accordingly along the way to get your desired results. So prepare beforehand; You will need patience and resilience to carry out this process efficiently. You have to analyze your findings and apply them to work further on your strategies; this article is just a fundamental guide toward helping to start your journey. 

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