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7 Team Building Activities That You Need to Try

Managing a team is undoubtedly a stressful task. Making everyone get along and work together as a team can be quite cumbersome. Therefore, most corporate firms try to engage their employees in activities that help them bond together. Such games and activities are not only fun to indulge in but are also a very innovative and creative way to make your employees interact with each other.

On this note, we’re going to share some fun-filled, unique and effective games that will definitely help your team grow and thrive. 

Let’s take a look at some popular corporate team building activities in Dubai:

Scavenger Hunt

Nothing can beat the old school game of following clues to get the treasure. A scavenger hunt is a great way to break off the stress from a workday, but it also makes people work together. You can easily start this activity either in your own workplace or somewhere outdoors. All you need to do is group your employees into smaller teams of three or four members and make them search for the hidden objects. The first team to find all of them wins.

Blind Retriever

Another great activity to test the working capacity of your employees under stress conditions is a blind retriever. One team member is selected and blindfolded during this activity; the rest of the team has to guide him to get different objects. The team that successfully picks up all the objects in the least time wins. This activity actually helps in testing how your employees will act under pressure and restrictions.

Barter Puzzle

This game is the traditional jigsaw puzzle but with a twist. Group your staff into multiple teams and hand each team a puzzle to solve but make sure that every puzzle has a few missing pieces that you must put in another team’s puzzle.

This will test the bargaining capacities of your employees and how well they can handle situations when they have to get information from the opposing party. 

With this game, you’ll see the various tactics your employees will adapt in order to retrieve their missing pieces. 

Human Knot

Another fun-filled activity to try with your colleagues is a human knot. Group your staff into different teams and make them stand in a circle. At first, ask them to put their right hands in the air and hold the hand of their team member. Then, ask them to put their left hand in the air and hold their team member’s hand. Lastly, tell them to untangle themselves without leaving their hands. The successful team will win.

Karaoke Night

Taking your employees to karaoke will help make them relax while bringing them together. People who sing together also get along well. Using this activity, your employees can really bond with one another over their favourite songs. 

Office Pictionary

The classic game of Pictionary is a great way to enhance the creative capabilities of your team. The steps to play this game are quite simple indeed. All you need is a few pieces of paper and a whiteboard. Write the names of everyday objects, famous movies, dramas, sports, celebrities etc. on the paper pieces and put them in a bowl.

Sort out your employees into different teams and ask each team to send a member who will draw pictures for them to guess. Make the employee take out a paper from the bowl, and now they have to draw it in such a way that their team members can guess it.

The team that is able to make the most guesses in the allotted time will win.  


A great way of building team spirit in your employees is to take them out on a camping trip. Not only nature camps are best for checking out your survival skills, but they are also useful in building a team. There are several group activities that you can try outdoors and use this opportunity to bond together as a team. 

For instance, you can assign the cooking task to one team and setting up the tents to another. Likewise, you can send the team together for collecting firewood and by the campfire, you can make everyone bond together by telling scary stories. 

In all, team building is imperative for the success of an organisation. Therefore, if you want to enhance the bonding of your staff, try to arrange some fun activities for them.


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Daniel Zayas
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