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7 Things That Will Attract You to Buy Samsung Washing Machine

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As per a report, the South Korean brand Samsung gained around Rs 75,461.50 crore operational revenue FY 2019-20. The brand’s initiative to integrate pioneering technology and AI in electronics products can be deemed for this growth scale.

Samsung’s unique washing machines are a product of this innovative acquiescence. One can find multiple variants of top and front load washing machines with efficient laundry capacity. These models are not only energy-efficient but also come with smart dryers for convenient washing.

Moreover, the affordable Samsung washing machine price and exclusive features make it worthy of investment.

Top features of Samsung Washing Machine

  1. Diamond Drum

Unlike the traditional washing machine that features a cheaper and hard-wearing plastic drum, Samsung machines come with a diamond drum. These drums have smaller and deep-set holes to facilitate intense water pressure. This technology prevents the laundry from sticking to the wall and reduces the chances of wear and tear.

  1. Temperature control

Both the top and front load washing machine from Samsung comes with a temperature control feature. These washers use hot water when the temperature is set to 60 degrees Celsius or higher. The automatic temperature control function makes it a perfect buy for individuals looking for a washing device consuming less water.

Moreover, this technology helps adjust the water settings like hot or cold to perform optimal cleaning.

  1. Bubble Wash

Samsung's Eco Bubble technology offers superior fabric care and spotless cleaning. This technology minimizes the damages suffered by clothes due to hard water. Moreover, the eco bubble feature uses a bubble generator to break the detergent into solvents. This process injects air into clothes for easy penetration of detergents and less water consumption.

  1. Delay Start

Another noteworthy feature of Samsung washing devices is the auto delay feature. A machine user can set the washing time as per convenience. This feature is perfect for individuals dealing with time constraints.

  1. Pre-Soak Settings

The pre-soak settings of Samsung washing devices tackle hard and fuzzy stains. The clothes are soaked in water for a longer duration before commencing the spin cycle. Potential borrowers can forget the worries of pre-washing laundry as the washing devices from Samsung removes the hassle.

  1. Combined Washer Dryers

Skeptics practicing the traditional washing techniques due to space constraints can invest in Samsung machines. These machines are equipped with both washers and dryers for a convenient washing experience. Moreover, the devices can clean heavy loads efficiently without consuming lots of water.

  1. Internet Connectivity

Samsung front load washing machine comes with internet connectivity that detects and informs the user about troubleshooting. The Smart Check feature automatically identifies technical issues and immediately informs the user via mobile connectivity.

Apart from these seven features, Samsung washing machines also come with a dual jet system and Double Storm Pulsator technology that creates strong water currents for comfortable clothes movements.

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With multiple features and benefits, Samsung washing machines have upscaled their demand in the Indian market. However, a buyer must be aware of Samsung washing machines' exclusive features to make the most out of it.

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