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7 Things to Consider While Choosing: Roof Restoration or Replacement?

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The roof is the most important aspect of your house. Not only does it keep you safe but also keeps out water. In case your roof has been leaking or has worn out, here are few things that you need to consider prior to your roof replacement.

Types of Roofing Materials Available

Every day new roofing materials are being introduced into the market. In case your last restoration was 20 years ago, you have to check out what else is available in the market. Apart from the traditional shingles, shakes, slate, and asphalt, you will also find attractive metal roofing. You will also find architectural shingles that are a notch higher than traditional asphalt when it comes to performance and looks.

Sure, the new materials are going to cost a little more but they will definitely provide a better curb appeal.

In order to make the right decision, you might have to take the help of professionals as they can guide you with the right material for your house. If you have to get the best materials, make sure you go around different shops and take the suggestion of your roofing contractor. It is necessary to get the right materials for roofing.

1.    Cost and Fire Rating

The next thing that you need to consider when you plan roof restoration is the cost involved. It is necessary to ensure that you aren’t paying more than what’s necessary. Whatever you choose shouldn’t create a hole in your pocket. You will be able to evaluate the cost better if you get a breakup of materials from a professional contractor. So, when you have a detailed quote, check every item to make sure that you haven’t been overcharged for the roof restoration.

It is necessary to make sure that you have chosen a roof restoration system that will sustain the fire rating of an existing roof assembly. In case the roof restoration system doesn’t have an adequate approval rating along with the existing roof membrane, the resulting roof isn’t going to be code compliant. Many people tend to overlook this and might have.

2.    Stripping or Layering

In case you have asphalt shingles on the roof and you want to replace it, you have to consider what is already up there. If you want, you can get two layers of shingles on the roof. As you layer one layer over the other, it gives you the chance to save some money. However, you will just be able to do this once. Shingles can adhere to the roof directly. Thus, if you stay in an area that experiences high winds, you should consider stripping.

3.    Local Climate

Where you are located is also going to determine what the best restoration system is. For instance, if you are living in a hot climate, you should get white coatings as it will protect the roof assembly and will offer considerable energy savings as it reflects UV rays. Technologies like silicone coating are known to lose less dry mil thickness every year because of its UV stability. This extends the life of the roof system in comparison to others.

Reflectivity and emissivity ratings can also serve as great guidance. In cold climates that have more cooling than heating days, gray or aluminum silicone might be the best choice as heat absorption during these months will offset the reflectivity advantage in summer.

4.    Environmental Regulations

You need to be aware of the local and state requirements. In certain parts of the country, it is mandatory to use cool roofs to reduce power consumption and what’s called the ‘Heat Island Effect’.

In case the building has an odor-sensitive facility like a hospital or school, you have to be mindful of low VOC requirements. In these situations, silicones coatings are a good choice as they are low in VOC and don’t emit chemicals or contaminants of concern.

5.    Hiring the Right Contractor

For perfect roof installation, you should consider hiring a roof restoration company like Elite Roof Restoration Services. The right contractor ensures that your roof is practical and durable. To hire the right roofing contractor, you need to make sure that they have an online presence. This is because it serves as proof of its credibility.

When a company has an online presence, it helps you to get more information about it. Check the review or the testimonial segment to find out what the customers have to say. However, you should be able to detect fake reviews. Make sure that the contractor is a local one. This is because if you run into any problem, you can always get in touch with them and get immediate help. Also, check they offer a warranty.

6.    Adequate Installation

Prior to letting roofers on the roof, you have to check what this process is going to entail. You need to find out if the roof installers are going to layering or stripping. It is also necessary to find out if there is going to be a height difference or not if you are only reroofing partially. If you have hired a reputable roofing contractor, they should tell what they are actually going to do.


If you hire the right roofing profession, your task is going to become easier. This list of things to consider has given you a lot to think about. So, get in touch with the right contractor to replace or restore your roof.

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