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7 Things to Do Before Applying to the Latest Jobs in Abu Dhabi

7 Things to Do Before Applying to the Latest Jobs in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi, being the capital of the United Arab Emirates, makes it a top choice for many foreigners when it comes to employment. There are a lot of well-paying companies, which is why the competition is high, but it’s not possible to land your dream job, especially when you’re prepared for it.

If you’re searching for the latest jobs in Abu Dhabi, it’s good to know some basic tips in finding a job you want, whether you are looking into the sector of banking and finance, technology, marketing, consulting, private equity, etc.

Here are a few tips to help you get started:

Start your job hunt. You can do this any time you want, whether you’re a fresh graduate,   shifting to a new career, or just lost your job.

Make “the search” your new job. There are so many opportunities out there you’ll discover if you put all the needed time into it. Allot eight hours of your day into searching for a job that you want and plan your time carefully.

You can look into job boards, social media advertisements, or get recommendations from family or friends. It would help if you let your friends know that you’re looking for a job so that when they hear something that might interest you, they’ll let you know.

Research about the company. When you’ve created a list of companies you want to work for based on your hunt, start researching about them. Go to their website and learn everything you can about them – their mission, vision, products or services, employees, the current news about them.

Knowing these things will give you an idea of how you can market yourself to them. Check out their career guides and see what they’re looking for. Find out what kind of employer they want or need and make sure you’re qualified for it.

Learn or develop new skills. Whether you’re a fresh graduate or looking for a new job, it’s best if you have a lot of skills to show off. It would be an edge amongst your competitors if you have something they don’t.

You can hone your skills in a few ways. There are programs out there that you can check out if you want to improve your speaking or selling skills for example. You can also take online courses if you want to learn about computer applications, etc.

There are many options to choose from, but what’s important is you get to upgrade your skills and show your future employer that you’ve got what it takes to be their next team member.

Craft your resume. Your resume will draw your possible employers to you so you have to make it perfect. Whatever skills you’ve got or learned, past work experiences and achievements you have, write it all down.

Showcase your education and your accomplishment. You have to show off what you can offer to the company.

Also, remember to modify your resume based on the position you’re applying for. Draft a tailored cover letter for each position you want to apply as well. Explain in your letter why you want to be a part of their team and how you can be an asset to them.

Build your online reputation. Some employers today don’t only look at the resumes of their possible employees. They search for them online as well to get to know them better. One thing you can do is make sure your social media profiles are up to date.

See if you’ve written down there all your past work experiences that might help you land the job. Remove anything from Facebook you don’t want them to see. LinkedIn is one of the best places to find an employer, so make sure your profile is complete and looks very professional.

If you own a website, make sure that all the projects or sample work you’ve done are there.

Go offline. Yes, you’ll find a lot of job postings and advertisements when you spend most of your time online. But don’t overdo it. You also need to spend some of your time to network. You can set up a lunch date with your former officemates and find out if they know something you might be interested in.

You can also attend conferences where there might be job opportunities for you to grab; or attend free seminars; you’ll never know when an opportunity will come your way.

Take a break. Time is of the essence when you’re looking for a job, but it’s important to rest as well. You can spend a substantial amount of time searching for the perfect job but don’t neglect your health because what good is a job if you won’t be able to perform well, right?

So, after spending a few hours on the computer doing a job hunt or perfecting your resume, take a rest. Exercise, take a walk, watch a movie, or have a friendly chat. These things will need effort and time, but once you’ve perfected them, applying for a job in Abu Dhabi will be easy and breezy and you’re sure to stand out against your competitors.

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