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7 Things to Know about Enamel Pins

As they are popularly called, enamel pins or badges are a kind of fashion accessory worn popularly with shirts, jackets, dresses, backpacks, tote bags, custom hat pins, and the list continues. What makes these enamel pins so popular is the fact that they come in various styles, types, and designs. But before you decide to get your favorite enamel pin, there are a few things that you must know about them. 

Here is a list of seven things one needs to know about enamel pins- 

  1. Types of Enamel Pins 

Enamel pins come in different types of forms, such as soft and hard ones. Soft pins are generally priced lower than the hard varieties, which makes soft pins an excellent option for those who are a bit low on budget. As opposed to them, the hard enamel pins are scratch-resistant and more durable. It also comes with a more glossy finish hence an excellent choice for accessory lovers. Knowing now both the types, which one would you go for? 

  1. Uses of Enamel Pins

As mentioned earlier, Enamel pins are a type of fashion accessory used primarily for decorative purposes. You can wear them on your clothes such as on your shirt, tops, jackets, coats and also on your bags. The market offers varieties of cool and fun enamel pins so that everyone finds their preferred choice. 

  1. Enamel pins used as a symbol

Enamel pins are widely used as a trendy fashion accessory. However, that's not all; most of the time, enamel pins are worn to show support for a cause or organization. Additionally, some companies use enamel pins as a symbol of their employees' hard work and dedication. 

  1. Enamel pins used for political campaigns

Ever since the time of President George Washington, enamel pins have been widely used as a symbol to show support to a party or a candidate. They are often called campaign buttons and have proven to be effective mediums of political advertising.

  1. Production of Enamel Pins

Ever wondered how this pretty little accessory is designed? Well, at first, the surface metal is molded to give it a form. In the second stage, the molds are cut according to the designs, and in the following steps, attachment and placing take place. Then, the surface metal is polished, removing impurities, and then coloring takes place. After all these, the surface metal is baked at 450°F for about fifteen minutes. Lastly, an epoxy coating is applied to the surface, which prevents the design from cracks and damages. 

  1. Varieties of Enamel Pins 

There are multiple varieties of enamel pins available in the market. Some of the most popular of them are- 

  • The regular pin type that comes with a three-dimensional look.
  • The spinner variation. The spinning system attached to this pin allows it to spin at 360 degrees. This quirky design makes the spinner variation quite popular among school children and teenagers. 
  • The lenticular pin is another variety of enamel pins. It comes with more than one picture, which can be changed if twisted at certain angles. 
  • Apart from these, custom pins are also available, which allows you to create your own customized designs.
  • LED pins are another variety that is battery-operated. LED pins light up when you attach them to your clothes or bags. This one is quite popular among the young crowd as it looks amusing and playful.  
  1. Different styling ways of Enamel pins

After getting your hands on the quirky enamel pins, you must want to show them off. If you are bored of wearing your pins on your jackets and shirts, let us tell you more ways of styling it. You can attach your enamel pin to your metal frame for a cooler and funkier look. You can also wear them with your belts to give your boring belt a style twist. If you want to give your regular shoes a funky look, why not style them with a few enamel pins. Sounds great, right?  

Final Words

Here is our take on interesting facts about enamel pins. They have been in the trends for years and will continue to do so. Next time you decide you get enamel pins, make sure to keep these points in mind to make the right choice. For any related queries, feel free to leave a comment and stay in touch for more exciting posts. 

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