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7 Things To Know When Looking For An Electrician

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Finding the right Electrician for your electrical needs can be quite challenging and daunting. Money and safety need to be prioritized in this matter.


Electrical problems are one of the main causes of house fires and accidents. As a homeowner, we are responsible for the safety of our own household.


Electrical work must be done through strict standards according to the National Electric Code Book. Most countries require this and have no exception.


Challenges may arise if you pick the wrong Electrician to do the job. The worst-case scenario is accidentally harming your family and yourself.


Here are some important points you need to know when hiring an Emergency Electrician.


7 Tips on Hiring the Right Electrician


1.       Check their Certification and Licenses

Almost all professional electricians are required to go through extensive training to acquire their license to operate. Most countries or states require this as well to ensure safety and credibility. It's important to note that there are 2 types of electricians:

        Master Electrician - a professional who has at least 2 years of working experience and licensed for both skills in design and electrical systems installation

        Journeyman - a skilled individual who's licensed for electrical installation only. They usually work alongside the Master Electricians.


2.       Check if they have Insurance

One of the most important factors to consider when hiring Electrical contractors is if they have Insurance. It's no secret how their line of work is considered "high risk". There's a high potential for possible accidents and hazards that may happen along the way. They are liable for a single mistake that may occur due to negligence.


Electrical contractors are required usually to possess at least $500,000 in liability and worker's compensation insurance. If they refuse to do so, then find somebody else and don't risk it. Some contractors might offer their services for a cheap deal, but we highly recommend to not fall for it.


3.       Verify what they Specialized in Electrical Work

It's essential to know what area your electrical contractor specializes in. Some of them are skilled in one thing and others may have general know-how. If you require "special expertise" such as installing voice/data cabling, home automation systems or solar equipment, then you need to hire who's skilled on those.


Though you might need specialists for those projects, it's important to hire a contractor who's knowledgeable in other areas as well. Make sure you know what electrical task needs to be done and communicate it to your contractor. Expectations need to be met at all times.


4.       Ask them to Provide Similar Projects they've done in the past

To successfully judge the quality of work that your electrical contractors offer, spend a bit of background checking. You may ask kindly on their past projects. See how they finished it successfully.


You may need to conduct an interview if you need to. Look up online for customer reviews or better check their website for customer feedback. That's why references work all the time, you know they've been tried and tested. If the contractor wasn't referred by someone you know, you may do this instead.


5.        Ask for the Exact Estimate and Cost of the Whole Project

Ideally, it's appropriate that your electric contractor conduct a realistic estimation cost of the project. This usually happens upon inquiry. This helps you as a client to gauge your options, whether which one will fit your needs and budget.


Also, it's best to include all costs in the contract before starting the project. Transparency is crucial between an agreement to avoid future conflict. One of the examples is: contractors might include hidden charges not included in the project or demand for an extra fee other than the agreed payment.


It's better safe than sorry. This is one way of protecting your budget and agreed contract.


6.       Obtain a Valid Permit

Electrical contractors are responsible to obtain permits from the city inspector. The permit ensures that all electrical work done in your property is verified and approved by the city inspector. This is important to have an assurance that your electric contractor follows standard protocol.


A soft reminder: Homeowners are not required to obtain the permit. It's important to know this to avoid yourself from fraudulent contractors. Some contractors might trick you from obtaining the permit. Know that it's not your responsibility but theirs. Don't hire them if they don't have permits.


7.       Set a Time Frame of Completion

Once you request for estimates of the said project, it's important to note that time is critical. Every hour of labor is charged from you. Make sure you set a strict and realistic deadline for project completion.


Bad contractors might prolong the project when they want to get more money. As a consumer, we don't want that to happen. Discuss your expectations and plans to your contractor. See to it that they understand the goals being set and require them to submit a project plan. This way, it's easier to see progress and do follow-ups if needed.



Other Tips to Note

        Ask your family members or close friends for a referral. Referrals work 80% of the time. The quality of work and timeliness has already been proven and tested. With this, you'll save more time and effort.

        Look at social media groups for Electricians. You'll find the best and credible team of electricians in these closed groups. Try posting an inquiry, these professionals would be happy to help you.

        List down your electrical needs before looking for an electrician. Look up online for an estimated cost just to prepare your budget. But if it's an emergency work, it must be done right away.

        Do not "DIY". I know for budget-conscious individuals, we always like to do stuff on our own. However, for risky tasks such as this, it needs a well-versed professional. This kind of work needs extreme care and expertise. Don't try doing it at all cost. Never risk your safety if you're not skilled to perform the job.

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