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7 Things You Learn While Studying Architecture

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Are you a creative person who thinks outside the box? Do you love bringing your piece of art to life? Do you enjoy mixing Art and Science? Do you like maths?

Then look no further, Architecture is your thing. As a career, being an Architect is a smart decision in today's job market. Nagpur is a place which has a considerable number of renowned architectural colleges. If you are looking for B.Arch colleges in Nagpur you must know the following facts which you will be learning while studying Architecture.

Problem Solving

Before going to an Architecture college, you may have never known how much of a problem solver you were. While studying architecture, you come to learn of ways you could solve a problem through planning and designing. A perfect plan can save so much money. A good architect always tries to solve the problems of his client. Be it financial or practical; an architect can make someone's home-building experience bearable.

Specifications in your designs

A good plan must have every little single detail. You should never keep your client in the dark. After all, it's his dream which you are building. Be it a home, or an office building, a plan must be crystal clear with no hidden nooks and corners.

German architect, Albert Speer introduced “the theory of ruins”. According to this theory, the design of a building should be such that, even if the building collapses, it will leave behind visually beautiful ruins.

Thinking about projecting your thoughts

Practise thinking about the plan you are plotting in your mind. Counteract your thoughts. Try imagining what anyone could say against your idea. Challenge yourself to make the concept more precise and distinct. Whether you are designing a building or a roof, think about your plan to the last detail.

Keeping your plans simple

While studying architecture, you learn that a simple design is the key to a client's heart. Intricate and articulate designs may sound appealing, but the results might differ. A planned building which is simple is much more beautiful than an elaborate and complicatedly planned building.

Always ask questions

When you are designing something for someone, always ask questions which you feel are necessary for your planning. If you have any doubts, don't hesitate to ask your client. Always keep in mind, it's someone's dream you are building. Don't let your lack of knowledge hamper your designs.

Swiss-French Architect Le Corbusier built the city of Chandigarh in 1952. His design of the Capitol Complex is renowned in the world.

Customise your designs according to your client

In architecture colleges, you will learn that the design of a property can be quite flexible and depends on one's client. Always listen to the client. Ask them questions about what they want or what they do not want in their property. There is no rigid rule in architecture that you have to follow while planning a building.

Sketch expressively

If you're going to be a good Architect, you must learn to draw meticulously. To build a perfect structure, make your plans crisp and clear. Don't let anything up to the engineer. Specify every single detail in your drawing.

Studying Architecture is not easy, but it is quite innovative and different than studying any other stream. You get to fulfil your creative needs as well as your practical endeavours. The B. Arch colleges in Nagpur are an excellent option if you are considering being an architect in your life.

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