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7 Tips for Cheaper Wedding Car Flowers

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Decorating the wedding car is a wonderful idea for an elegant and fun wedding experience that the couple will enjoy for the first time as husband and wife. Flowers have been the first option for many brides. Floral car decoration has to be unique and attractive, but within the budget, too. With the expensive price tags of wedding flowers, it may not be practical for some couples to have their wedding car decorated with fresh flowers. It is a good thing that most of the flower shops and wedding florists have a wide range of connections to get cheap and inexpensive flower supplies. Here are 7 tips on how you can have cheaper wedding car flowers:

1. Look for Local Wedding Florists that Offer Cheap Flower Prices

The first step in planning for the wedding flowers is to look for a wedding florist. If you want to maximize your budget for the flowers, you will benefit in hiring local wedding florist instead of one providing international services. Local florists also lead you to flower farmers who produce and sell flowers for a cheaper price. You can ask the local government for local florists in your area.

2. Choose Seasonal Flowers

Flowers that bloom in season are cheaper in the market. For your wedding flowers for car decoration, go for the flowers in season. The blooms are not only unique and appealing because of bright colors and durable blooms, but also because they are more naturally scented. You will love the beautiful colors of Alstroemeria and the durability of the tropical flowers like Bird of Paradise on your car during the wedding day. In addition, your wedding florist can craft the most attractive designs using seasonal flowers. Don’t hesitate to ask your florist for recommendations or consider the freestyle design.

3. Use Large Blooms

To decorate your wedding car with affordable flowers, why not use flowers in large blooms? You can use the blooms of Sunflower in single stems to decorate the door handle of the car or the bumper of the car. Large flower heads would be enough to make the car attractive and eye-captivating, especially if the colors of the flowers are bright, on wedding day. In addition, you can also add accessories and foliage to make the decoration big but not expensive. For large blooms, don’t forget to ask your wedding florist for the most recommended types of flowers.

4. Repurpose Flowers at the Ceremony

Instead of buying extra bouquets for the wedding car, why not choose to repurpose the flowers you used for the wedding ceremony. No one will need the flowers anymore after the wedding ceremony is over. Instead of leaving the beautiful flowers that you paid for at a price, make use of them to decorate the wedding car or the getaway car. Let the florist know about your plan so that she can easily detach the flowers after the ceremony and attach them to the wedding car before it brings you and your better half to the reception venue.

5. Choose Budget-Friendly Wedding Flowers

To get cheaper wedding car flowers, choose types that are budget-friendly. Flowers are sure to brighten up and freshen up the vehicle and on wedding day, you don’t have to stress yourself out of the expensive prices of flowers. Your wedding florist has a list of the most affordable ones and most of these flowers are suitable to your wedding style. The flowers of Baby’s Breath, for example, are at a cheap price, and you can find them in wide variety of colors. Even the flowers of Succulents are not pricey, and they are always in season all throughout the year.

6. Make Use of Accessories

Accessories like ribbons, laces, and tulles are very useful when it comes to decorating wedding car. Make use of these materials and prevent spending too much money for the decoration. For Example, you can add flowers to a banner or create a large silk bloom using ribbons and tulles. To complete the design, add a few flower heads at the center and pair them with green leaves. Your wedding florist is sure to have wonderful ideas when it comes to creating cheaper but attractive wedding car flowers.

7. Go Green 

If you want cheaper and practical wedding car decorations, do not ignore the qualities of the greenery. Instead of using flowers, consider the stunning foliage and leaves in a wide variety of sizes. Going green with your decorations does not mean you are setting aside colors because some leaves are not just beautiful in shapes but also in their colors. Make use of them to make your car on wedding day more appealing even without spending a fortune. Succulents and Eucalyptus are among the most selected options for greenery but you can also go for Ruscus leas and the long and straight leaves of Cordyline. 


Flowers are one of the wedding essentials. These seven tips will help you pick affordable and inexpensive wedding flowers to decorate your car. You don’t have to spend too much for this because there are ways to have them as beautiful and elegant at a cheaper price. Look for flowers that will fit your budget and consult your wedding florist. Choosing cheap and affordable flowers does not mean you want to be simple and plain, either. You are just being practical because you know that there are other equally important things to use the money for.

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