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7 Tips for Making the most of your Small Bedroom

According to Healthpally, the appropriate bedroom size for one bed is 8m², and for two beds, it should be 12m².

However, you could have a small bedroom, and still ake the most of your bedroom: good styling and comfort.

How to Manage Small Bedrooms

With the following tips, you can optimally set up your small bedroom and create a nice relaxing atmosphere.

Choose your bed carefully

Ideally, the bed size should correspond to the size of the room. According to Chaktty, you should make sure to leave about 50 to 60 cm of space on the side so that you can get on them comfortably.

If this is not possible, it is best to place it against a wall or in a corner.

It's also better to buy a quality bed that's comfortable, and durable. You can try Ottoman Bed or Divan Bed.

If you already have a larger bed like the King or Queen's bed and your bedroom is small, you should assess the room carefully and remove items that are befitting in the bedroom.

You should also make sure your bedroom design is in such a way that your mattress fits in well without any extension of the bed frame

In this way, you save another 6 to 8 cm across the entire width of the bed - and that can be crucial, especially in a small bedroom.

Door Style

Sliding doors do not have a large pivoting radius and are therefore particularly suitable for small rooms.

Pocket sliding doors even disappear completely into the wall. In this respect, one can learn a lot from Japan and the Shoji sliding doors traditionally used there.

With the help of wide sliding or folding doors that can be opened completely, small rooms can also be merged with or separated from the room in front of them - this makes the apartment appear larger overall.

Wall lights are better

You should go for wall lights instead of table lights since you can save more space with the location of your bedroom lights.

It is important to choose a model that not only emits a lot of light upwards but also downwards and is suitable as a reading light.

Luminaires with one or more swivel arms are also well suited. They are very flexible and can be used as uplights, accent lights, and reading lights as required.

An alternative to wall lights is clamp lights that can be attached to a shelf or headboard - but also pendant lights that are simply hung a little lower.

Use storage space under and above the bed

Drawer bed boxes are a wonderful thing. They offer a lot of additional space, which is lacking in small rooms.

Beds with a slatted frame that can be folded up are also practical, and the storage space is not obvious – and there is no need to allow room for the pulled-out drawers.

A shelf above the bed is a good way to replace the bedside table and create storage space for books and the like.

So that you don't have the feeling that it could fall on your head, you should pay attention to a shallow depth and mount it rather high.

Playing with dark color

Don't be afraid of black! Especially in small rooms, a dark wall or a wall with strongly patterned wallpaper acts as a magnet for the eye and makes the room look larger.

Strong tones such as dark blue, anthracite, or brown are suitable – they attract attention, suggest depth, and thus blur the boundaries of the room.

Small TV is better

If you want to watch your favorite film in bed, you are well-advised to use a wall-mounted flat screen.

A curtain placed in front of it can make it discreetly disappear when not in use.

This space-saving idea is more complex (but also more impressive): the television is swiveled out of the suspended ceiling and disappears behind a flap when not in use.

Set highlights - but don't build a hall of mirrors

The wallpaper with a metallic effect (Vortex) gives this narrow bedroom a very elegant look.

The reflection of the light gives the small room a certain glow that increases the width and size of the room in your mind.

However, the use of large mirrors is not recommended. Under certain circumstances, they can create more unrest.

They should therefore remain hidden in the bedroom and, for example, be mounted on the inside of the closet doors.


It's good to have a spacious bedroom, but too much space in the bedroom can also make you to bring different items that are not befitting in the bedroom.

I'd you're having a small bedroom, you can still make the best out of it with modern-day styling, and items that require a little space.

The above-mentioned tips would surely help you to rearrange your bedroom, and make good use of your small space without sacrificing your comfort and good styling.

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