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7 Tips for Recruiting New Employees

Recruiting new employees is both a science and an art. Searching for and locating the best candidates to contribute to your business or organization is an exciting opportunity and poses a big challenge which is why so many opt to hire a recruitment agency. It's also important to find people who are a good fit for your culture. Once you find great workers, it's important to keep them. The stakes are high. Fortunately, it's not overly complicated if you know the right steps to take. Here are several tips for recruiting new employees who will be an asset to your team.

1. Look In-house First

If you provide lateral and promotional opportunities for your employees, you're likely to find a good candidate for new positions — and it's a boost to overall morale. It's a good idea to post available positions within your organization or network first. Providing current employees with interviews helps you to get to know them better, and they will likely feel more connected to you as well.

2. Improve the Candidate Pool

While cold calls or walk-ins sometimes result in a good collaboration, it's not the ideal situation for finding the best candidates. Usually, the most desirable ones are working for another company and may not even be looking for something new. To improve your candidate pool, scour professional association websites, LinkedIn, online job boards with resumes posted, and recruiters' resources. Current staff members can provide constructive referrals, too. Whether it's sharing a product like Young Living Essential Oils or staffing a nonprofit, having a pool of vetted contacts is invaluable. 

3. Improve Your Own Reputation

Be the best employer and team player you can be, and don't be afraid to let others know about it in a dynamic and consistent way. That's how you build your company brand and reputation. Then high-quality prospects will seek you out because of the good reputation and respect associated with your organization. Industry giants can receive as many as two million applications a year, according to a few business sources. While you're playing in different leagues, reputation still reigns supreme. Examine your employee practices for motivation, accountability, retention, recognition, reward, flexibility regarding work-life balance, involvement, and promotion. These indicators make all the difference in hiring and retaining great team members.

4. Get Your Employees Involved

Having employees involved in the recruitment processes puts their "skin in the game," and it's more likely that they'll help your new hire succeed. There are several ways your employees can take part, including reviewing qualifications and resumes of candidates, helping with interviews, and recommending excellent prospects for your organization. Be sure you utilize one of your most important assets: your employees. It's a wise long-range decision. 

5. Check References Carefully

It's imperative that you do background checks, and check references carefully. Read between the lines of written communication. In this culture (which is litigious), don't leave any stone unturned to make sure the people you hire can actually do the job, have no past records of transgression that could harm your company, and who can contribute positively. If something should happen, you may be held liable. Don't skip this important step. 

6. Pay Competitive Wages

In the job market and regarding many things, you get what you pay for. Look over your unique job market and note the level of compensation for people in your industry. To bring in and retain the best candidates, you'll want to offer better pay than average. It will save you money in training and other costs down the line, not to mention the earnings from having a productive employee. Don't be one of the cheap ones. You'll waste valuable time and energy. Competitive wages bring in the best and keep the best. 

7. Leverage Your Website

Be sure your website is a magnet for good prospects. It should portray your mission, vision, goals, values, and products/services. Potential employees will resonate with what you present on your site if they're a good fit. The website can give visitors some insight into your work environment and culture. Also, be sure to create an employment section that describes any positions available and has information about why a job seeker might want to contact your organization. Use the section as an opportunity to put your best foot forward and attract savvy candidates. 

Recruiting new employees requires attention to a few crucial factors. Consider these tips as you develop your plan.

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