7 Tips to Keep Cockroaches Away From Your Living Space in Vancouver


Pests control has always been a great topic of discussion among housewives in Vancouver.  People in big cities usually prefer to share their living space. Especially in cities like Toronto where rental value is quite high. When you live in a co-sharing environment, there is a greater chance of cockroaches growth due to frequent usage of kitchen as well as different eating habits of the tenants. In short, the cockroach problem is quite common in urban areas as compared to rural areas. However, following tips may help you to keep your living space cockroaches free. 

  1. Keep it Neat and Clean:

Mostly roaches live in  dirty environments. It is highly recommended to keep your dustbins empty and cover the bins all time. Wash your dustbins daily if possible. Clean your microwave oven and refrigerator regularly. Don't eat in every corner of the house. Instead of it,  try to eat in a lounge or any place in common which could be cleaned frequently. Best practice is to vacuum every corner of the house with a vacuum cleaner. Use a vacuum cleaner such that eggs or cockroaches get covered under it.  Make sure to empty the cockroaches bag, once you are done with it. 

  1. Filling Dashboards:

Most of the roaches enter the house by small cracks and gaps. Hence it is more important to seal dashboards and cracks. DE is considered as an effective powder that dehydrates bugs. Diatomaceous earth dusting food grade is necessary for it. So, try to fill your dashboards thoroughly to avoid roaches growth in your house.

  1. Try your own Remedies:

In poor countries, people use their own cheap methods to make compounds to kill cockroaches and these methods are effective too. You may make a mixture of boric acid, plaster of paris, oatmeal, cocoa and white floor. Also the citrus pulp, corn meal, brown sugar and boric acid compound may help you to get rid of cockroaches. You just have to place these compounds in a separate jar and put in every corner where cockroaches reside. Don't forget to place it in the kitchen cabinets. Please dont forget to keep this jar away from children.

  1. Conceal your house drains:

Cockroaches love to reside in wet areas. Mostly they travel through sink and sower drawings to different locations. To block their movement, cover your drains first and make sure water is completely drained in the sink and tubs. If your apartment has moisture issues, then cockroaches are likely to grow in your apartment. Try to eliminate the reasons behind it . Also check plumbing inside washrooms. There should not be water leaking at any place as cockroaches like to stay at such places.

  1. Seal the doors bottom:

It is very likely that roaches pass through the bottom of the gates. They usually crawl under the front door. In apartments it is the most overlooked place. You may stick something between doors and the floor to stop their movement. Also you should dust your door frame and entrance with DE other than sealing bottoms of the doors. Moreover, if the entrance is a backdoor which is not frequently used then you may seal it with cement as well. 

  1. Placement of Catnips:

This is another workable idea to place catnips either in small breathable bags at various corners of the house. Study suggests that roaches are repellent of catnips. You can place these breathable bags besides cupboards and behind home appliances.

  1. Osage Oranges:

Osage oranges are also famous with the name “ugly fruit”. They are famous for repelling a wide variety of bugs. They are easy to use. You may place them at various house locations . Ultimately, Roaches will not enter your house.  

Wrapping Up:

In the light of above tips, it can be said that it is a little harder to control or kill roaches than simply stopping their entrance into your apartment or house. However, if you take care of cleanliness specially the places where food is served or been eaten then they can be controlled. Moreover, application of various killing methods like placing powders of different compounds may remove them from your apartment. Pest control services in Vancouver are often considered an expensive option in Canada . So, most of the people try to implement home remedies to get rid of pests. So, you should try these methods first and then contact any pest control agency if the situation doesn't change.