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7 Tips to Keep Your Home in Tip-Top Shape

House cleanliness and maintenance is critical for both hygiene, home value and enjoyable living.

Being able to maintain a good, clean home can vastly improve your prospects of making a profitable sale should you choose to sell later on. It minimises damage, wear-and-tear, and also alerts you to any growing maintenance issues.

It also helps to keep down grime, moulds and other allergens which can impact the family health.

Companies such as Houseproud Cleaning can provide you with comprehensive cleaning services twice a year and also conduct regular seasonal maintenance.

Below are ways to keep your home clean and in good condition in the interim:

Kitchen and sink disposal

Most people underestimate the importance of checking the trash that comes out of the kitchen. 

Since this is the one room with more organic waste than any other place, attention needs to be paid to the trash, sink and areas where food is prepared.

It is also vital to keep track of the cleanliness of the fridge, ensuring that it gets cleaned every day because spillages need to be cleaned immediately.

Simple spills can be cleaned up using common household items such as soap and water, vinegar and bi-carb soda. Try using a drop or two of vanilla essence to improve the smell and leave a small bowl of bi-carb up the back to reduce odours.

Keep the floors clean. Floors and work surfaces should be disinfected from time to time to prevent the build-up of bacteria, moulds, etc. A clean kitchen is not only a joy to work in but also reduces the likelihood of pest infestation.

Check water cleanliness

Sometimes the plumbing in the house might get corroded, especially if it is not maintained regularly. If you have unused rooms in the house, check to see that the water supply in these rooms is okay. 

Flush toilets regularly, ensuring they are working properly. Use an environmentally-friendly cleaner and deodoriser when needed and avoid using harsh chemicals which typically end up in treatment plants, rivers and streams.

Check to see that the running water is safe for use in the house. There is nothing worse than having unsafe water in the house as this is a basis for diseases and other problems. 

Deep clean services

Elicit the services of a carpet dry cleaning company and dedicate a day to allow the professionals to do their work. 

Depending on the type of service you request (carpets, home clean, deep clean, etc) a reputable company will ensure your home is cleaned thoroughly..

These companies are especially helpful because they have machines and other devices that you might not have in your home to guarantee the cleanliness of every corner in your house.

Check the roofing and roof cavities on a regular basis for leaks and pest infestation. Use a reputable pest control service is you begin to see signs of rats, cockroaches and other pests as these can do damage to ceilings and wall cavities over time.

Ensure that you do regular dusting to maintain the work that has been done by the company.

Check your gutters

Clean out your gutters and ensure that there is no accumulation of dried leaves blocking the water passages. While you are at it, inspect the roof as this is one of the least inspected areas of the house.

Ensure that you do this regularly because gutters, as well as the roof, can easily be damaged and it will affect you significantly during a rainy day. 

Blocked gutters will result in a build-up of water which can lead to a leaking roof and more significant problems if not dealt with promptly.

Cleaning your gutters helps to prevent wood-rot as water begins to sit idle in gutters and overflow - even into the cavities of the house - during heavy rain. Leaf litter in gutters is also a fire hazard in country areas of properties with a large number of trees.

Gutter guards can help prevent the build-up of leaf litter and other debris that makes its way into your gutters.

Quick maintenance

Always call up a handyman whenever you have any problems with appliances in the house because damage to one aspect might affect several things in the house. 

For instance, a problem with plumbing and water starts leaking into the den. The leaking water could ruin your floors, carpets and even the seats.

It is necessary to conduct regular repairs and avoid trying to do them by yourself. Ensuring the house is in tip-top condition means having a regular handyman who will assist with problems as they arise to ensure that everything in the house functions correctly.

Clear out plants and shrubs

If you have flowers in the house, regularly water them and check to see that they are doing well. For plants that have withered out, they should be disposed of immediately and not allowed to remain in the house any longer.

There are a lot of shrubs that can grow on the exterior surfaces of the house; remove them regularly to ensure they do not take over and start damaging the exterior of your home.

While often beautiful to look at, plants and shrubs - especially those close to the house - can result in pest hazards such as snakes, rats and spiders. They can also become a fire hazard.

Larger trees with spreading root systems have been known to dislodge stumps and even disturb foundations. They can also be a serious risk during a storm.

Keep them pruned and in good condition throughout the year. They will not only improve the value of the home but are aesthetically pleasing and provide shade and protection from the weather.


There is nothing worse like stagnant water inside or outside the house. Make sure there is proper drainage in place; in the kitchen, bathrooms and even outside.

Do not allow stagnant water to accumulate, the smell will get worse, and you will have a bigger problem to deal with in the long run.

Drainage problems can be costly if not dealt with quickly. Blockages, broken pipes and the build-up of foul water can create all kinds of problems and lead to very expensive repairs.

They can cause wood rot if near the home, attract pests and disease and are unsightly to your neighbors.

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