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7 Tips to Look for a Heavy Duty Laundry Machine for Your Business Needs

Purchasing a heavy duty laundry machine is an important financial decision that some businesses must make. There are cost factors, size and space factors and brand and quality factors that go into the purchasing of this machine. Continue reading below to learn seven tips when purchasing an industrial washing machine.

1. Determine the Style You Want

The first tip is to consider the style of washing machine or laundry machine you want. This can include ideations as simple as if you want a top loader or a front loader. Top loaders are typically faster and less expensive, while front loaders are more efficient and cost saving in the long run when considering your water bill. Front loaders are also significantly more gentle on your clothing if your business needs to wash delicate materials often.

2. Consider Capacity

You need to determine how much washing you will be doing with your washing machine. Different capacities are offered depending on how much you are needing to wash in your washer. Some machines that are extra large can hold at least twenty pounds, for example. Washing machines that are able to hold extra pounds are usually much larger though, so it is important to consider if you have the space at your place of business for a laundry machine of a larger size.

3. Determine Payment Options

Most traditional industrial washing machines are coin operated. With this in mind, you need to consider if you want to continue with this traditional method. If so, you should consider putting in a coin conversion machine in your business to turn cash into coins so customers and users can operate the machine. There are also modern technologies available that make these machines able to take cards. With this in mind, you need to consider if you would prefer to have these more modern card-operated machines in your business.

4. Consider Your Space

As mentioned, it is important to consider the space you have available for the laundry machines, especially when considering if you want those that are larger for increased capacity. You can buy large machines and have them spread out throughout. You can have more machines if you buy stackable front-loaders, however. This is a business decision that is up to you and your space's needs, though you should also consider the energy costs based on how many machines you have in your business.

5. Noise Concerns

If your business is in a commercial park or in a single building with several other buildings close by, it is important to consider the noise levels caused by your laundry machines. This is not the case, in most instances, if you are in a stand-alone building that is to itself. Be sure to be courteous to your business neighbors, however, and consider machines that have lower noise levels. It is important to note that these can be more costly in some instances, however.

6. Buy Energy Efficient Machines

Though they may be more costly at first, energy efficient machines will save you significant business costs in the long run. These machines will make your energy bills significantly lower over time. They use both less water and less electricity to clean even the largest loads of laundry. This is a great option when considering more modern laundry machines that are available.

7. Consider Cost

It is important to have a budget carefully planned out in order to best prepare for purchasing laundry machines for your business. Heavy-duty washing machines are already expensive, so cost is a very important factor. Determine the amount you can spend on each machine and how many machines you can buy based on how much profit you are expecting to make back. This will assist you in narrowing your selections as well to make the shopping experience much easier for you.

Final Thoughts

Shopping for a laundry machine for your business has many important factors associated with the process. It is important to consider your needs regarding costs, capacities, size and space and other concerns. This will assist you in offering the best solutions possible for your customers.

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