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7 Tips To Maintain The Quality Of Your Oriental Rugs


Oriental Rugs are used to improve the home interior. A person with a good sense of interior design knows the importance of Rugs maintenance. Rugs have different types, and the oriental rug is the finest and high-quality nature of rugs. Oriental rugs are widely used rugs as compared to other rug types. If you are using these rugs in your rooms, then you should keep these rugs maintained for their long life and durability. Here are some tips that will help you to maintain the quality of your Oriental Rugs. 


Rotate Rugs regularly:


Rotation or oriental rug is necessary because high traffic places can damage carpets as well as their colors. To keep the quality of rug maintained and made it durable, you should rotate the rugs regularly. By turning, you can save rugs from color fading as well as any damage by furniture. The pressure on it can damage rugs under the furniture. So, rotating regularly can help you to keep them safe from any harm. 


Block Sunlight:


One of the significant issues is sunlight. Sunlight can damage the colors of rugs. People prefer to keep them in the lighting area, but make sure you avoid putting rugs in sunlight. This way can fade the color of rugs. You can save this by just avoiding sunlight and rotating this regularly. Do not place your rug in sunlight for a long time after washing. 


Spot cleaning:


A spot can become a stain if you are not cleaning it properly. A liquid place with dust can be a stain. Some products are easy to wash, but most products have hard colors that can make our rugs ugly. When you are trying to remove spots from oriental rugs, make sure you are not using any cleaning product Because chemicals can damage the fiber and the color of an oriental rug. Wash rugs with pure water and make it dry. You can talk to a professional rug cleaner if a stain or spot is still visible. 




Vacuuming is a necessary part of rug cleaning, as well as its quality maintenance. Vacuuming house rugs is a daily routine of most people. This practice helps to keep the quality of rugs maintained and clean from dust. Less dust means fewer chances of stain. You can vacuum the oriental rugs by following the instructions given by the vacuum machine company or hire a professional for this service.


Wipe down:


Vacuuming can never clean the oriental rug for a whole or for a long time. Vacuuming helps you to keep clean the rug, but to make it neat and clean, you should wash the rug. You can do it yourself or can ask a professional. Only beating the rug while washing is not necessary. You can wipe it down for cleaning. Beating can damage your rug, but while wiping down, you can easily clean it without damaging the oriental rug. This technique can increase the life of oriental rug quality. 


Use a quality pad:


For maintaining the quality of the oriental rug, make sure you are using a quality pad. A right quality pad under the oriental rug can provide excellent support to your rug, especially on stairs. A good company offers a warranty for its rugs thickness and quality. Good quality includes a comfort to your feet as well as helps in increasing the life of the oriental rug. 


Hire a professional:


Hiring a professional can increase the life of your rug as well as it will be helpful for you to maintain the quality of the oriental rug. A professional cleaner can take care of your rug batter as compared to you. We suggest you contact a rugs professional from installing to cleaning.


Last Note:


Rugs are an essential part of home improvement these days. We can manage the life and quality of oriental rugs by just following the instructions and hiring professionals. For cleaning and rugs adjustment, you can ask professional individuals or companies. In America, Anabel's Oriental Rugs Company is providing all these services in Louisville, Kentucky.


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