Monday, December 11, 2023
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7 Tips to Recognize a Legit Fifacoin Site

If you are an experienced FIFA player, you already know the importance of having COINS in your account.Well, it is a virtual currency that cannot just improve your team but also boost your confidence while playing the game.

Coins are helpful when you want to buy or sell the FUT items. Not just newbie players but also experienced players need these coins. So you have two choices here.

  • Play the game, do the hard work, and earn coins.
  • Buy them!

While the first option is quite tricky and time-consuming, the second option always seems practical. Therefore, you must visit to buy or sell your coins safely. But, the question is still there. Is a legit site?

Tips to Recognize a Legit Site

The best way to determine if the site is legit or not is to pay close attention to some of its features. Moreover, you can check the below points and ensure if the site fits into the following criteria. 

1. The Site URL

How many websites do you visit every day? Wait, the real question is, how often do you check the URL of a particular site? The website address tells you the whole story. Yes, there exists hundreds of site URLs, but finding the genuine one is an art.

So, checking the website address should be your first task whenever you visit a new site.

2. Check the Security Indicator

In the first tip, you learned to make a habit of checking website address. Now, what should be your next step? Well, the URL tells a lot about that site.

The address bar contains many indicators that help you know if the connection between you and that website is private. If you only notice "HTTP", then it's time to take a step back. That's because this address may not be secure enough to protect your privacy. At the same time, if the address starts with "HTTPS," then there is no need to worry. The site will be secure and safe to use.

3. The Transparency Report

You have many options to test the legitimacy of a particular website. Google allows you to check the transparency report of safe browsing. For this, copy the address and paste it into a Google search box.  After that, you will get many records that will suggest you if that website is good enough or not. It usually displays the trust factor based on many indicators. Note that, Google doesn't provide this service. But, it is a service provided by different third party websites that collect data and create a detailed report.

4. Check the Page - Contact Us

Many times, a legitimate website has a contact section available. Visitors can use this section to get in touch with the website operator. This is another way of serving potential customers. If the website helps you better when you are not their customer, then it will surely treat you well after making purchases. So, make sure you look for this essential page on a particular website before making a purchase. Moreover, if you have any questions, then you can use this section and clarify your doubts.

5. The Replacement or Refund Policy

Any website which is involved in buying or selling should have a strict policy on refund or replacement. Many times, online sellers get you into the trap of buying, but when you make the purchase, they stop helping you. What if you buy the coins and don't want to use them? Of course, you will look for the ways to refund them. In this scenario, a website having a firm refund policy will stand by your side and help you disburse the coins.

6. The Payment Options

Do you have a particular company's credit card so that you can do purchase? Hey, this scenario is a bit scary. There are numerous payment options available these days. Then why should you stick to one particular method? If the website is legit, then it will have more than one payment options to serve their customer more. This facility makes customers feel comfortable. If you check, you will notice that it supports around fifteen different payment methods.

7. Go after the Digital Footprint

In today's world, it is not difficult to trace the history of a particular website. You can spend a few hours online, do some research, and that's it! You will get to know the overall history and behaviour of a website. Many times, customers put their feedback on different social media accounts or websites. Check if you can find any information about the site that could positively affect its legitimacy. Note that it is not possible to get positive feedback all the time. Some customers are hard to satisfy, and thus, they can put wrong feedback about the seller. At this point, you can create a ratio of positive and negative feedback.


All of these points describe if the website is legit or not. According to these points, seems to be a legit site. It has different payment methods and excellent customer support. Moreover, it offers a refund policy too.

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