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7 Top advantages of using a wireless network

In this modern era, many businesses use LAN (Local Area Network) technology that provides a common point through which employees can communicate with each other. To access a wireless network, people perform Netgear extender setup as Netgear extenders amplify the existing signals and spread them in every corner of your home or office. A wireless network endows you with umpteen of benefits. Well, it is just a promo. Let’s have a look at the big picture.

Steps for setting up a Netgear WiFi range extender

First, let us tell you that the extender must be set up properly so that you can get all the benefits of your wireless network. Have a look at the steps:

  • Plug in the wireless range extender to a reliable wall socket.
  • Connect the computer to a WiFi network.
  • Open a web browser and open net.
  • You can also use 168.1.250 IP address for login.
  • Enter the username and password.
  • Click on login button.
  • Netgear smart genie setup page will open.
  • Follow the step-by-step guide present on the screen.

Once done, the extender has been set up properly. If you want any help during the setup process, it is recommended to opt for Netgear support from our expert technicians.

So, you have set up your range extender. Now, you are ready to get all benefits from wireless network you have established. Continue reading.

Advantage #1: Increased mobility

  • The biggest attraction of wireless networking by far is increased mobility. Being able to access the internet anytime, anywhere is a great advantage.
  • With the development of public hotspots, you can now access the WiFi even outside your regular work environment.
  • For instance, most of the coffee shops or dining spots offer a wireless connection at little or no cost.

Advantage #2: Convenience

  • Assuming you own Netgear products: you have done with Netgear router setup to establish a wireless connection at your home or workplace.
  • The wireless nature of such networks enables you to access the internet from almost any convenient location nearby.
  • Just connect your device to the available WiFi network and enjoy web browsing, online shopping, online banking, etc.

Advantage #3: Improved productivity

  • Another cool benefit of using a wireless network is increased productivity.
  • It permits employees to collaborate anytime and anywhere they need.
  • Thus, wireless networks bring freedom of operation and speed up the working process.
  • Employees connected to a WiFi network are able to maintain a nearly constant association with their desired network as they move from one place to another.

Advantage #4: Expandability

  • If you continue to regularly update Netgear firmware on your device, you will get a constant expandability of WiFi network.
  • A wireless network can provide internet access to a suddenly-increased number of clients along with the current device.
  • If you use a wired network, additional wiring would be required for additional clients.

Advantage #5: Security

  • The security of wireless network is really superb. It uses the latest encryption technology.
  • However, you must use a strong password for your network.
  • Use a mixture of uppercase and lowercase along with random numbers and special symbols such as @, #, $, %, ^, & and *.

Advantage #6: Cost Effective

  • Using wireless technology instead of a hard-wired network can be more cost-effective.
  • The bigger the network, the pricier a hard-wired network will be to install.

Advantage #7: Guest Use

  • Having a wireless network after net setup means that a business can provide secure network access.
  • It allows colleagues from other websites within the association to access the data they require and pick up and reply to their emails.

So, these were some practical advantages of using a wireless network. Was this article helpful? Drop your suggestions in the comments section below.

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