7 Top SEO tools marketers should know for business


In today’s generation, search engine optimization is more important than it was before. There are several new trends emerging each day and it's important for every digital marketer to step up their game and stay updated. If you too want to get started with SEO and want to achieve some great results, here are some SEO tools you can use.


SEMRush is a common tool used by several SEO experts and digital marketers these days. It allows you to thoroughly analyze content and also has a research tool that helps you find the right keywords. It also has several backlinks and a nice analysis tool you can use anytime you, please. SEMrush is also very easy to use and works best with other important documents such as Google Analytics, Google Docs and others that help refine the keywords as well as the entire content. You can easily access its service. However, you will be expected to pay for it monthly or annually.  


MOZ pro allows you to understand your customers in a better way. Here, you can search for all the keywords that customers use to find services and products. You may also target the keywords with the help of the explorer tool available. Apart from that, MOZ pro also lets you track rankings with the keywords using the search visibility score. You can check for issues whenever you want and show alerts whenever you experience an issue on the website. Make sure the entire content is optimized with the help of audits that MOZ Pro offers to you.



Once the SEO site has been handled, you can also audit the website and add competitors site with the help of the majestic tools. Another great feature of Majestic is that it will analyze the trust flow. Majestic will define the flow like a score that is based on traffic flowing through the link. This also includes the linking sites relevancy and the links that lead to the website. When you see how trustworthy the site us, you can also determine whether you would like to work to get the website to link to the site or you may also analyze on how the links and the different types of links the competitor has scored.


Do you want to build links for your website? Then Buzzstream can really help. They provide the best service, conduct the best outreaches and prevent you from looking like a spammer. Isn't that wonderful? The link building SEO tools here are from second to almost none. It also lets you spend a lot more time when it comes to link building and much lesser time when it comes to monitoring and spreadsheets. If you are really keen on research projects, you can also monitor the link, check the website rank and also connect with influencers nearly. Those who are new to the world of digital marketing can also give this a try.  

Google Search Console  

Search Console by Google allows you to report and monitor with the presence of your website on SERP. For this, you just have to verify the website by simply adding some code and then going through Google Analytics. This you can submit with the sitemap and use it for indexing. Even though you don't always require a search console account to appear within the search results, you can also control what is getting indexing and how the website is being represented with the help of the account. Being a good SEO checker, this account can help you get a better understanding of how Google works, how your website is viewed and how you can get a better performance using it. And if you need further help with this, you can consider the services offered by JHSM Melbourne.

KW Finder

KW Finder allows you to find all keywords that are long and don't have a high competition level. Experts generally use this tool to find keywords that are the best and run various analysis reports on search engine results and backlink. The rank tracker also allows you to determine the ranking while you have tracked the improvement based on the metric. However, if you don't find it sufficient, you will find several keywords that can help you rank the website in a better way. Experts also say that KWfinder because it shows important information on all the keywords and also gives some great suggestions on all the related terms. This makes targeting much easier.  


WooRank is one of the best SEO analysis tools you can find. Available in both paid and free, you can get a better report on marketing. You can also plug in all the competitors to help you discuss all the keywords that you are targeting so that it doesn't overlap. You can also check reports on how your keywords are performing over a period of time. This helps you understand the industry better, optimize the users in the best way possible. Not just that, it also helps you understand everything the website currently lacks, get better content and technical perspective and the guidelines on how you can get it fixed.


Siteliner is a great SEO tool that allows you to duplicate some content for your website. With this one, you can also scan other websites, find duplicate content with links that are broken with average speed and size, the internal links in every page and a lot more. It also lets you compare the website to the average of different other websites. This gets you a better picture of where you stand and where you can go within the next few months.  

Fat Rank

SEO Chrome extensions such as Fat Rank will let you analyze the performance of your website. It will allow you to know the ranking of the keywords. You may also add some keywords and find out the rankings of every page for every keyword that you want to optimize. If you don't get a ranking between the top 100, then you aren't probably ranking for that particular keyword.