Friday, September 29, 2023
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7 tricks for more comments on your Instagram stories

I think there is no need to introduce you with the social media app, Instagram. It is worldly famous social media site. Every day millions of people visit this site and new people are also involving with it. Everyone wants to be famous or get a good response here. A good number of likes and comments mean a good interaction with people. But how can you get comments on your Instagram stories? Now, I am going to share 7 tricks for getting more Instagram comments.

01) Invest your time

The most important thing is you should invest your time on Instagram at the beginning of your journey to this site. Keep patience on replying the comments. Everybody wants to get response and care. If you never care one’s comment, he will lose his interest to comment again. Your cordial response will make your audience pleased and increase his interest to comment again. Besides, some websites like are providing Instagram auto comments. You can take this easily.

02) Post stunning videos

Post some adventurous or stunning videos that can force people to say the words “Oh my God”. This type of videos influences people to comment and share their instant feelings what they got seeing the video. Short videos are good to share on Instagram and it works too. You can share some occasional or animal videos. People love to see stunning tasks of animals.

03) Ask for vote

Share a photo of two famous people or two celebrities and ask for a vote. Both of them who is most popular and whom people like most. This trick works most when you create an overlay text on those photos. Most of the people show their interest to comments seeing their favorite personalities on the photo. You will get a lot of comments using the trick.

 04) Make people emotional

Try to make people emotional by sharing a photo or by a caption. Actually, I am not encouraging you to sell emotions. Avoid sharing conflicting religious or national emotions. Just you can share some common emotional thing that will make people emotional for a while.

05) Discover the right time to post

The right sharing time depends on your followers. It varies from person to person. So, you have to discover your right time to share. Post on that time when your followers respond most. Try on different time and watch the response, you will see the difference. And finally get the right time for sharing.

06) Make contest

A funny way to get comments from your followers is to make a contest. You can make different kinds of a contest on your post and ask your followers to participate. Give short details of the contest on your post. Make an ending line to close it. Many people will participate in this.

07)  Ask for sharing the feelings

Make a post of recent topics and ask for sharing their feelings. Some of your followers will show their position regarding the topic. Some of them will argue. On the other side, you will count the increasing number of your post comments.

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