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7 Types of Home Inspections No Buyer Can Afford to Miss Before Buying in the Albany Market

Home Inspections

Purchasing a home is nothing less than a gamble. It's an even riskier one if you don't opt for home inspections. Believing that home inspection is a waste of money can cost you a future in the near future, ultimately making you repent on this decision.

Irrespective of the date of the construction, don't invest without finding out the ground reality of the property first. Since spending on all kinds of specialized home inspections can be a significant burden on the pocket, these few specific types are enough to save the day for you. Have a good read!

Pest and termite inspection

From rodent feces to holes in the walls and mud tubes, all such things are evidence of pest and termite infestation in the property. Why are they so important, you ask? Well pest and termite home inspections in Albany NY expose the real condition of the wooden structures in the house along with filth lying everywhere around the building. It can be a breaking point for structural integrity as well. 

Roof inspection

Next up is the roof inspection. If your home is less than three stories, and the roof isn't too steep, an expert home inspector won't mind taking a look at the condition of your roof. From broken and chipped shingles to stuffed gutters, the house you are purchasing mustn't have major roof defects. The inspector will also examine spots leaking heating from the home and signs of leakage to provide you with a thorough analysis.

Radon testing

Since radon is a well-known reason for lung cancer in America, make sure you hire a specialist to carry out radon testing in your proposed house. Radon can seep into the home from cracked walls and other inlets. 

With a professional radon test, you will be able to determine the level of its presence and possibly how much it can increase shortly. Do not consider the results of an inspection conducted a year ago as the shift in the soil might have elevated its presence.

Mold inspections

Apart from respiratory problems, mold can cause structural issues and also influence the wooden constructions. It can also lead to hay-fever-like symptoms and trigger various allergies in the house. A specialist in mold home inspections in Albany NY might use thermal imaging equipment or other tricks from the book to determine how bad it is. 

Structural inspections

If the foundation of the home is a host to many problems, then purchasing such property is probably the worst financial decision you could ever make. From cracks in the walls and on the doors to sliding foundation and angled floors, an expert will look for different signs that signal towards structural defects. 

Chimney inspections

While a general home inspector will only look for bird nests blocking the chimney, a specialist will go way beyond that. From checking the presence of creosote to the condition of the brickwork, the expert will provide you with a detailed report describing his concerns along with the much-needed repairs. 

Pool inspections

Are you thinking of purchasing a home with a pool? Well, then add a specialist pool inspector to your list of home inspections in Albany NY, and you can thank us later. When it comes to the pool, you must get the water pressure, and the pump's working condition checked. Also, make sure the heaters are working fine, and the interior structure of the pool is neither chipped nor cracked. 

Do you know what happens to the investors or homebuyers who spare themselves the expense of home inspection? They end up paying double or triple the amount of the same in the form of repairs. Want to avoid such a crisis? Hire an inspector to conduct the inspections mentioned above and enjoy the fruits of your careful investment for many years. 

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