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7 Types of Making a Post Shareable on Facebook


A great thank you for publishing more, consistently making a post shareable on a Facebook page or group.


Blog posts or other articles are easy to share. But you furthermore may need to remember that your Facebook page must encourage conversation. This may, in turn, increase your reach and engagement.


Sure blog posts will offer you some engagement. But there are other ways to actually get your followers to connect with you and your brand.

7 Types to Make a Post Share on Facebook For Your Business Page:


1. Create Your Own Memes for Facebook


Many folks share funny memes across the web , but have you ever ever thought of making your own? Simple programs like Canva or PicMonkey make it super easy to form your own graphics – especially since they need templates found out for all social media sites.


Becca over at amorously , Becca may be a fantastic example of somebody who designs and shares her own memes – and she or he sees great success from this. Her engagement is high and her audience is left wanting more from her a day. This is often the right scenario for your Facebook page!


By making a post share on Facebook you can generate revenue from Facebook. If you have any ideas about how to make money using Facebook. First, you have to learn about the topics then you will be successful.


2. Share a Quote


Are there words or quotes that inspire you or will inspire your followers? plow ahead and share and invite feedback from your followers on their favorite quotes.


People like to contribute to the conversation to make it easy for them.


Megan over at Your Coach Meg may be a great example of somebody who shares meaningful quotes on a daily basis. She’s also great at Facebook Lives – every Monday, so check her out!


3. Do an Introduction of Yourself


People are joining and making a post shareable on Facebook pages all the time, so when was the last time you probably did a touch introduction to inform your followers more about yourself, your business and the way you'll help them?


What could you include in your introduction?

  • A recent photo of you.


  • Mention your mission for your blog/business/product/service and the way you'll help your followers.


  • Call out something unique or fun about you – your obsession with lollipops, your love of travel, or your fear of heights. This lets your audience see the importance of you.


  • Include a couple of tips and tricks to assist your audience.


  • Don’t be shy about telling a private story.


  • Be yourself. If you were introducing yourself to someone – how would you do it?

4. Ask an issue 


Yes, this is often a touch almost like fixing a poll, but it allows your followers to articulate their full answers properly.


This is ideal to urge direct feedback on a selected topic.


You can also ask a fun question that encourages people to reply with a GIF.


Sample question from my Facebook page

5. Share An Inspirational Video


When sharing videos that are motivational or inspiring still confirm. The content fits in together with your overall and making a post shareable on the Facebook page theme.


Staying ‘on brand’ with all content remains important so people don’t get confused by your page.


Now, sharing videos that are going viral or that you simply really connect with maybe a good way to extend your reach substantially!


Video content generally always reaches more people than other sorts of content – so cash in on this.

6. Facebook Lives


Facebook live videos are such a tremendous thanks to connecting together with your audience, in order that they can have a deeper check out the author's business.


I am sharing two fantastic samples of women who do an outstanding job with their Facebook live videos.


Being Awesome does two things rather well together with her Facebook lives.

  1. She is extremely motivating and provides inspiration to her audience on topics like health and wellness, self-care, and productivity.


  1. She provides actionable tips to her readers. Tips they will deduct, attempt to actually see results quickly.


These ‘how to’ videos are so helpful for beginner and more advanced gardeners alike.


Kristen’s specialization in Facebook lives and other engaging content on her Facebook page has put her within the position to get on a serious Canadian news network (Global News) because the seed starting expert. Congrats Kristen!

7. Polls


Creating a poll on Facebook is sort of easy and an excellent way to add a touch of fun to your page – or to urge some constructive feedback from your followers.


Over on my lifestyle blog’s Facebook page, Put The Kettle On i exploit polls to urge engagement but to also study my audience.


When you are fixing a poll on your Facebook page you'll give your audience the choice of two answers.


To set up you simply:


  • Add a corresponding image or gif


  • Select the length of your time for the poll (Options are: 1 day, 1 week, never, or custom). I usually accompany them for 1 week.


  • Then hit ‘share now’


If you would like to line up a poll during a Facebook group, the functionality may be a little different.


You can ask an issue and supply multiple answers that folks vote on. There isn’t a photo/gif option like Facebook pages. But the polls in Facebook groups allow you to gather even more useful information from your followers.

Daniel Zayas
Daniel Zayas
Mars is a content writer and founder of Hesolite the place for you to get SEO tips, backlinks backlinks. He gained extensive knowledge by doing researches on various technology projects. You will find his SEO-related contributions on top sites online.
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