Thursday, February 29, 2024
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7 Unique Jobs You've Never Heard of

The overall societal attitude toward the traditional office job has been slowly deteriorating, and more people every day are realizing that there are other options out there. Here are seven unique types of jobs you can look for if you are looking to spice up your life as well.

1. Headhunter

If you do not have many unique talents yourself, maybe you should consider being the person who finds qualified people to fill high-level positions. Headhunters are sort of like casting directors for movies and tv shows. They go online and in person to recruit new people for any number of positions. Most of the time, these are executive positions that need people with years of experience, but these professionals can also find people for lower-level positions that are difficult to fill. For example, a sales operations job description might not bring in many applications, so someone needs to get people to apply.

2. Distiller

If you, like many other adults around the world, are particularly fond of alcoholic beverages, you may find your true calling working in a distillery or brewery. Because of the rise of small businesses due to the internet, more people than ever are learning to create their own alcohol. No matter if you go to work for a large company or a small, independent distillery, it is an interesting job. This is a career that requires a lot of technical proficiency, so you cannot expect to secure a high-level position without some serious training first.

3. Driver

Traditional taxi services are becoming a relic of the past as ride-sharing apps gain popularity. Anyone can decide to become a driver for one of these services as long as he or she has a driver's license and takes the time to pass the regulations of the app in question. These drivers can set their own schedules to best fit their lives, which is a dream scenario for many working people today. However, this freedom means that you need to set checks and balances on yourself to ensure you are working enough to support your lifestyle.

4. Event Planner

While being an event planner can be similar to a traditional office job if you go about it the wrong way, if you are careful about which jobs you accept, you can avoid that pitfall. For example, women are now hiring professional bridesmaids to plan their bachelorette parties to relieve stress for the rest of the wedding party. People do not like being stressed on the most important days of their lives, and event planners can help with this. If you have exceptional organizational skills, joining event planning degree programs might be your true calling in life.

5. Color Namer

If you have ever looked at paint swatches at a home improvement store, you have likely seen the strange names that many of those colors have. Where do those names come from? Believe it or not, it is someone's job to think up the name of every shade. Color names are not limited to paint swatches, either. Nail polishes, fabrics, and all sorts of other commercial items have unique names that have to come from somewhere. If you can find one of these jobs and you fit the qualifications, you may find it a unique experience even though you may be stuck in an office.

6. Hacker

No, not all hacking is wrong or illegal. Ethical hacking is a constantly growing field that the largest tech companies in the world use to keep their websites secure. Ethical hackers are hired by companies to intentionally try to break into their systems so that those companies can remedy the holes in their programming. This prevents future cyberattacks and keeps everyone's data safer. Of course, to become a hacker you need to have programming experience, as well as a thorough understanding of programming concepts so that you know how to exploit them.

7. Golf Diver

If you have ever played a game of golf, you know how frustrating it is to lose a ball into a course hazard. However, you are almost certainly not the only person who wasted a dozen balls trying to get over a trap, which means that many people have sunk many balls in golf course ponds. To get those balls out, some courses hire divers to scoop them up and dispose of them. While it is one of the more physically demanding jobs on this list, it is still a unique career that is sure to lead to a good story when meeting new people.


There is a perfect job out there for everyone, even people who struggle to fit into ordinary office roles. Sometimes, your talent simply lies outside of what society typically wants, and that is OK. Never stop searching for your true calling, and you can find something you love eventually.

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