Monday, October 2, 2023
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7 Unique Virtual Event Ideas To Inspire Your Next Business Event

Before the pandemic, who would have thought that we can attend meetings and events online and still achieve the same results? Today, people are so used to attending virtual events because they can remain safe at home while they attend an event. Hence, the demand for virtual event ideas is still in demand. If you’re looking for inspiration for your next virtual event, we’ll take you through some ideas.

Virtual guess who event for a remote team

If your team is a fully remote team and if you are scattered all over the world, you can host a fun event everyone will enjoy. There can also be an incentive involved, so people will be eager to join and attend. Let’s say the winner gets a day off or wins a gift basket. Whatever the incentive might be, make sure to host this event during regular work hours. This will ensure everyone has time to attend the event and doesn’t feel forced to. Most people know how to play a guessing game, but it would be best to share a document outlining basic rules. One of the attendees or the host of this event can be a moderator who’ll keep score. People will have to guess this mysterious person who is actually one of the team members. Focus on the facts about this person not easily known, but equally not that difficult to guess.

Virtual business networking event

If you already have a large community on LinkedIn or any other network, you can connect people working in the same profession over a virtual event. If you want to connect representatives of your business with other like-minded individuals or other business owners, you can host a virtual business networking event. You can set a time for each speed networking date in advance. If people paired together in a chat room, or over a video call would like to continue their conversation, they can request more time. The purpose of this is for people to connect, share ideas, talk about their product, business and share other important pieces of information. Each conversation will be short, so participants will have to use the time wisely. When the time runs out, people will rotate and meet other professionals.

Pre-recorded virtual events

If you want to take your event experience up a level, consider hosting a pre-recorded event. You can record the material at a professional recording studio. The studio, the lighting, scenario and editing, and a professional team behind it will make it look like a TV broadcast.

Now, discussing your ideas with event management companies might be a good idea because they’ll know how to make it happen. A professional team will help you with audio, visual, and technical production from start to finish. This is a great option for those looking to control every aspect of their online event and deliver a perfect virtual event experience. This might be great for businesses

On-demand virtual event

If you want your virtual attendees to give a chance to re-watch the event, you can give them a chance to do so. An on-demand virtual event will be just like any other streaming service available so people will know how to use the option. This can be a great option for you if you’ve pre-recorded your event and you want to give your attendees an added value. Some people might forget about it, some might be in a different time zone. You can keep your virtual event on-demand for a few days after the launch so everyone can see it. It will be available to those who registered and paid to attend. If your virtual event is of educational value, a master class, or anything similar, you can give your attendees a chance to rewatch and find things they’ve missed initially.

Online fitness event

This is a great opportunity for fitness centers to engage with their existing members and gain new ones. So, if your business is in the fitness industry or you’re trying to promote one, host an online fitness event. If you’ve seen a decrease in gym memberships, it’s time to host a free online event. People can join the live stream and exercise just like they would if they joined your workout class.

This can be a great promotional tool if you plan on launching an online exercise program, that is pre-recorded and available to members only. People will have to pay a certain amount to join this program. In turn, they will get access to recorded workouts for the length of the program and a few additional weeks to catch up on if they weren’t so committed. Either way, an online event in the fitness industry is a great way to motivate people to exercise and remind them to take care of their health.

Live Q & A

Any type of business can host a live question-and-answer session. For those businesses with large communities over Instagram or Facebook, you can host your virtual event over alive. People can ask questions in advance over a story option or ask questions in real-time as the live communication is taking place. Gather all experts from your team who are comfortable with public appearances and speaking in front of large audiences. Each one of these experts can answer the topic they’re most known for and provide value to your community. Remember to have a moderator present who’ll jump in and deal with a surge of questions.

A virtual conference

If you want to make a virtual conference truly unique, it can be a combination of two types of virtual events. Each discussion or presentation can be prerecorded so that key speakers can deliver the best speech. If it’s a prerecorded speech, speakers will be in control of their presentation and fine-tune it to perfection. Then, this prerecorded presentation can be followed by a live Q & A session where the speaker will tune in and answer all questions in real-time.

We can safely conclude that virtual and online events are here to stay, even beyond 2021. Creative people in the event management industry will continue to come up with great ideas and deliver the best experience to those hosting and participating in virtual events.

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