7 Vocabulary Building Games Launched by KidSmart


KidSmart has integrated technology and games to help the learners of the 21st century broaden their vocabulary. Part of the upcoming 11 Plus Exam is vocabulary that encapsulates SPaG: spelling, punctuation, and grammar.

Through these 7 vocabulary development games KidSmart has prepared, your child will practice their SPaG and at the same time, enjoy the process! Studying for the 11 Plus exam does not need to be stressful.

Here are 7 vocab building games to help your child prepare for the upcoming exams:

  1. Alien Eggs


Alien Eggs is a great and fun game to help your child determine synonyms and antonyms. All they need to do is match the appropriate synonym or antonym word pairs. Doesn’t that sound much more fun than simply memorizing the synonyms and antonyms written in a piece of paper? Told you KidSmart prepared the best games to improve vocabulary!

  1. Cowboy Word Game

Quick! Your child has to stop the cowboy from falling into a pit of open fire by spelling the words accurately. This game is a fun game to practice your child’s spelling. Rather than spelling quizlets, just ask your child to play this game in order to practice spelling.  

  1. Word Hive

This game will test your child’s knowledge on adjectives, adverbs, nouns, and spelling. A wordhive containing several different words will be presented and your child will have to click on the adjective/adverb/nouns/spelling correctly. 

  1. Ancient Tablets


Want your child to try a game that gets harder each level? Ancient tablet is one of the best vocabulary building games online. The rules are simple yet extremely enjoyable. The pupil must drag each slab or tablet to match the corresponding meanings on the slabs below. This game fosters quick thinking and better understanding of English words.

  1. Punctoosh


If your child needs to improve on punctuations, Punctoosh is the perfect game. The pupil will be given a passage to read. Then he or she must identify the appropriate punctuation to use. It’s fun, exciting, and builds strong reading comprehension among young learners.

  1. Rectifish


With Rectifish, your child will develop strong spelling skills and fast spelling correction. The goal of the game is to “rectify” misspelt words. Once a child identifies the misspelt word, he or she must then type the correct spelling into the box. For every correct answer, they get points.
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  1. Igloo

To improve on nouns and adjectives, Igloo is the right game for your child. In this vocabulary game, a passage will be displayed on the screen. Then the child must select which words are nouns and adjectives. Not only does this game improve English command, but also fosters critical and quick thinking skills. 

If you want to find the best games for improving vocabulary, you can find them all at KidSmart. KidSmart offers the best gamified learning for pupils who will take the 11 plus exams. They also offer other services that help your child prepare for the difficult entry test. For more fun while learning, all you have to do is use KidSmart for your child’s development!


------Gamification is at the forefront of our quest for innovative pedagogical methods" says Baljeet Dogra, CEO of KidSmart