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7 Ways A Real Estate Agent Can Truly Help You

When you're planning on selling your home, it can be a difficult process to navigate without the help of an experienced professional. Many sellers attempt to list and sell their property without the services of a real estate agent, which can lead to issues and mistakes. If you're ready to find a buyer, there are several ways a real estate agent can truly help you.


1. You Can Use Their Negotiating Skills

Real estate agents are experienced in negotiating with potential buyers and will know what techniques to use in the process. They can understand what offers are fair and how to avoid turning off the other party. You can have the guidance of someone that can help you to think clearly instead of becoming emotional or too attached to the house when going back and forth with the buyer.


2. They'll Boost Your Home's Appeal

Real estate agents understand what attracts buyers to homes and can help you get your house ready to show and list on the market. They'll help you boost the curb appeal of the property, whether it means planting more flowers or adding a swing on the porch. They can also help you stage the interior setting, add neutral decor, rearrange the furniture, and remove personal items.


3. They Have Extensive Market Knowledge

Real estate agents are aware of the current trends in the real estate market and are well-versed in different areas of the market and their service regions. They're aware of how mortgage interest rates and unemployment rates affect the market and are even informed on specific properties that are for sale in the local area.


4. Agents Spot Potential Issues

As a seller, this may be your first time listing your home and marketing it, which means you may not have much experience with the process. It can be easy to make mistakes if you're not sure of how to navigate the process. Real estate professionals are capable of discovering potential problems and can inform you if you need to perform repairs on the house or if your house is listed too high.


5. Agents are Affiliated with Professional Networks

When you hire a real estate agent to sell your home, it means you automatically have access to the professionals that the agents are connected to the industry. They can connect you with contractors if you need to repaint the house or will give you the name of a good plumber if you have a leaky pipe.


Real estate agents can also give you the contact info of a photographer to photograph your home for the listing ad to ensure your property looks attractive in the listing. You'll also need to hire appraisers, mortgage professionals, and real estate lawyers and can have peace of mind getting connected with trusted individuals that your agent has already worked with in the past.


6. Agents Can Market Your Home

Agents are aware of the best strategies and techniques to market your home and make it stand out on the market compared to other properties in the neighborhood. They likely have access to Multiple Listing Services where your home can be posted to ensure it gets more exposure. The agent may also be aware of a buyer that is looking for the exact type of home that you're selling, which can make it easier to sell quicker and prevent it from sitting on the market for too long.


7. They Know What Your Home is Worth

Real estate professionals can inform you of what you should list your home for after it gets appraised. Although sellers can become emotional and tend to list it too high, real estate agents are aware of what will attract buyers. They can provide you with valuable price guidance to prevent you from turning buyers away or even undervaluing it, which can cause you to lose money.


Knowing how a real estate agent can help you sell your home can make it easier to appreciate their services and utilize them when you need them the most. By finding someone you trust, it can make the process smoother and allow you to walk away with a higher profit.


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