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7 Ways Marketing can help Nonprofits Achieve their Goals

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A nonprofit is an organization that performs certain activities for a noble cause. They are driven by a desire to better the lives of people rather than their personal gain as for-profits. Interestingly, most people think than non-profits don't need marketing because they are not selling anything at a profit. But that's not true. Non-profits need marketing too if they are to achieve their goals. The following reasons show why marketing is important for non-profits:

How Marketing Helps

1. Target Population

The best way for a non-profit to spread its message to the target audience is by advertising. No one will know that there's an organization that helps female children from developing countries get quality education unless the entity responsible shows the world that it exists. Marketing helps the non-profit reach a larger target audience and guarantee that most of those in need of the organization's help get it.

2. Make a Mark

Marketing also helps the non-profit cement its brand on the world. The brand is often represented by some sort of logo or wording. By using a mega sign with the non-profits logo every time they hold a community event, the organization builds a special identity for itself. That way, it becomes easy for donors and volunteers to distinguish that non-profit from others that do the same charity work.

3. Networking

Marketing also helps the non-profit with networking and forming alliances with other organizations interested in the same cause. As part of its marketing campaign, the non-profit can print educational materials explaining why what they do is important. People that work with the organization can then give out those educational pamphlets to people that attend their fundraising party. The materials contained in the pamphlets can be used as conversation starters enabling easy communication between the non-profit members and investors. This facilitates faster relationship building through common interests.

4. Credibility

A non-profit needs to market itself so as to prove that it's legitimate. It can do so by the creation of a website that explains its purpose and vision, how it all started, and the founders behind the endeavor. The website can also contain information and pictures of previous community projects undertaken by the organization. The web page can also act as an awareness platform for the organization. A legitimate non-profit also attracts donors interested in the same cause.

5. For the Community

Non-profits are usually started with the main aim of changing the lives of those involved. It means that it serves both the community and individuals. For that reason, it has to advertise its events and activities so that members of the targeted community can know what's happening and actively participate in it.

6. To Remind Donors

Sometimes donors may be too busy to recall about a certain non-profit that they had promised to fund. For such a case, marketing can be a nice way to remind them of their pledge. You can send them a reminder email if you have their address or give them a call telling them about your latest charity event. That way, you make sure that the donors keep their promises.

7. Finding Volunteers

Since non-profits are not motivated by maximizing returns, their finances are limited. They depend on donor funding and barely have enough money to hire a lot of workers. As a result, they depend on volunteers that believe in the same cause to help them perform philanthropic endeavors. A volunteer can be anyone, from a child to an adult. The best way to get these volunteers is by advertising their services.


Non-profits are usually created to help the less fortunate. However, they cannot do so if they don't have funds or no one knows about them. This is where marketing gives them an advantage. It allows them to create awareness, entice donors, prove their credibility, and get volunteers. Other notable advantages of marketing for non-profits are shown above.

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