7 Ways to Create Engaging Content for Your Audience


When creating content for your social media page, website, or business, you must consider your market’s needs and preferences. It is crucial to produce posts that are relatable, interesting, and informative to cultivate your following.

Creating engaging content is not easy peasy. These seven helpful tips will make your content more attractive and appealing.

Be Original

Nowadays, with all kinds of topics available on the Internet, creating purely original content may seem like a long shot. While you might share the same idea for new content with others, the key is originality.

Make your content stand out by talking about your personal experiences. This makes your content more relatable to your audience. You can still write about topics that have been discussed by other blogs or websites, but add new information or your flair to it. You can even debunk previously published content by utilizing studies and research that prove otherwise. Be sure to cite accurate information when supporting your claims.

Use Visual Aids

Websites and e-commerce sites primarily utilize written content since it is the easiest to create. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is also best used in written content. SEO enables your audience to efficiently find your content.


However, some of your audience may not like reading. Add photos, infographics, and videos to your content to draw the attention of your viewers. Visual aids are suitable for tutorials, interviews, virtual tours, product demonstrations, and showing examples. You’ll most likely attract more viewers to visit your page if you integrate visuals into your content.

Make your Content Actionable

Build more engaging content by making it actionable. Create content that answers questions, provides tips, and gives instructions. More onlookers will visit your page to look for answers they are searching for. If you are marketing a product, writing about its features isn’t enough to sell it. Talk about how to use the product and its benefits or conveniences. You can also add how customers can purchase the product and the available shipping options.

Take this landing page of Lamudi, a leading real estate platform, on Anvaya Cove in Morong Bataan as an example. The page shows the resort community’s unit sizes, amenities, nearby establishments, selling price points, and various ways to commute to the development. This engages seekers to check out the property and buy.

Tell a Story

Your content can also be more engaging depending on the story you share about the subject. Sure, adding your own experiences adds a personal touch to the article, but overdoing it may seem like writing a diary or advertising yourself. This may derail some of your viewers’ interest.

Incorporate other people’s experiences, so there is variation in relating to your audience—research facts, folklore, or urban legends that may add flavor to your content. Telling a story in your content enables you to engage with a larger portion of your market.

Be Concise

When constructing your written content, it is best to avoid highfalutin phrases and “zombie words.” Simplifying your sentences will keep your audience from getting bored or feeling dim-witted to comprehend your content. You want to clearly express your ideas and share helpful tips and information to your readers. Likewise, your content doesn’t have to be flowery to be compelling.

Make it Thought-provoking

Aside from making your content unique, make it thought-provoking. Leave your stories open-ended. Ask readers about their opinions on content about famous urban legends and horror tales. Engaging with your audience in the comment section keeps your audience hooked and builds rapport between you and your readers.

Be Consistent

After utilizing the previous steps to create engaging content, uphold that interest by being consistent with the time you post. Some content creators update every day while others post weekly to give time to develop meaningful content. Being consistent with your posting schedule will keep your page alive and more viewers coming.

Creating meaningful and inviting content needs a lot of practice and patience to master, especially when you want to reach a sizable market. Follow these seven useful steps to produce content that will keep your audience engaged.