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7 Ways to Fight Pollen at Home

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Nobody wholeheartedly enjoys pollen season. It is usually the time where sinuses act up, the car needs countless washing. Even those people who were contact lenses have added problems on their list when pollen season arrives. As shared by expert Little Flower Hut 24/7 Flower Delivery, it usually starts during the month of April just when you can enjoy a good view of the blooming flowers. It may be tempting to leave your windows open in the hopes of catching that sweet air, but when it is pollen you are facing, shutting your windows closed may be your first defense against them.

There are many ways to make your home or office a pollen-free zone. Though it may seem like such hard work for something so small, you would appreciate your own effort when you prevent the natural effects of pollen around your environment. Pollen may seem insignificant, but the right amount can ruin your day.

7 Tips on how to keep your house pollen-free

  • Decontaminate – Especially if you are taking a walk down your neighborhood, or the type to just not drive a car, you may have noticed that there are some people using leaf blowers to clean up the yard. It may even be you that is using a leaf blower. Some of the pollen have been blown off by these leaf blowers and they attach to your body and clothes. This is common and can easily be contained. All you need to do is make sure you strip off and take a shower or put the clothes in the laundry the moment you arrive home. Do not sit down or lounge about the moment you get to your house because you would be spreading pollen all over that was attached to your body and clothes.
  • Wash your hair – People who have thick hair can probably relate with this. This is because the hair is a natural pollen magnet. You may not notice them right away, but they are there and ready to spread across your home, starting with your bedroom. Of course, you would not want that. The first thing you should do before you lie down on your bed is wash your hair. If you do not want to keep washing your hair for the duration of pollen season, then try wearing a hat or a turban to keep pollen away from your hair as you walk down your neighborhood or walk to work.
  • Clean Feet- Before you step into your house from outside, you better make sure you do not bring the pollen in with you. This is not easy to spot as people do not usually look down on their feet when they walk or arrive home. A good way to prevent pollen from entering your house from your feet is to wipe your feet on the mat or have a specific shoe that is used for the inside of the house and all the other shoes that are used when you go out should be kept outside the house. It is a common practice, especially in Asian countries.
  • Keep the car in the garage – This is a good tip if you have a garage. Just make sure you park it inside to keep it clean. For people who do not have a garage, just wash your car every now and then. Keep the windows and doors of your car closed so the pollen cannot go in. You can also keep a tissue box or sanitary wipes inside your car for that added cleanliness and prevention.
  • Keep your pets clean – Keep an eye on your pets. Especially those who enjoy a walk in the park, a tumble in the yard or a running marathon across the grass. Like humans, the pets’ fur and even their paws and pollen magnets. You can prevent them from spreading the pollen in the house by making sure their paws get cleaned and their furs get brushed before they enter the house. They would definitely enjoy this, and it would also avoid pollen from entering your house unwanted.
  • Keep windows and doors closed – One of the easiest things you can do is keep your windows and doors closed. Even if you do not bring the pollen inside your house with your clothes or hair, they can be blown by the wind and enter your house either way. You can prevent this by not letting have any kind of entry point to your house. It is only for the pollen season and you would get to enjoy the fresh air of the outside world soon enough.
  • Enjoy the season either way - Even if pollen can get pretty annoying, you should not let it damper your spirits. It is still considered as the most beautiful season because the flowers would be in full bloom and there would be so many amazing and vibrant things you can see around you. Create a pollen-free zone while enjoying the view and the flowers that are in bloom during this season. It is not so bad.

There are many ways you can create a pollen-free zone and the ones mentioned above are just some of the easiest ways. This is good especially if you want to avoid a sneezing competition in your home. Especially for the little ones, because they would have a hard time with all the sneezing that they cannot control.

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