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7 Ways to Give Your Company a Competitive Edge

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Business owners and managers alike know too well the unavoidable pressure to stay ahead of the curve in the competitive, fast-paced landscape of your market. It’s the goal of every business to emerge as a prominent contender in an often crowded marketplace.

Giving your company an edge won’t happen overnight, however. Rather, it’s a thorough process with a great deal of analysis and reflection. Luckily, with diligent effort, your company can gain an advantage in the marketplace through improvements intended to set your business apart as an exceptional choice for your ideal customers.

Read on for the crucial steps you and your company must take to outrun your competitors and earn your place as a customer favorite within your market.

1. Hire the Best

Considering a company is only as strong as its weakest link, assembling a strong, efficient team is critical in giving your business an edge. Your business should attract the right candidates from the very beginning, so as to impress potential employees from the moment a potential candidate searches for a sales operations job description to their final interviews.

It isn’t enough, however, to only hire qualified candidates, as even the best employees can be molded or made. It’s your responsibility to give even the most initially talented, capable candidates an opportunity to grow within your company. Always invest in ongoing training to keep your team at the top of their game.

2. Solidify Your Brand

A great company knows who they are and what they do — and how to do it well. There’s a reason some companies’ names and ideas are more memorable than others. The most notable brands with which we are most familiar have an impressive, ironclad brand identity with a clear voice that sets them apart from their competition.

Even when a company offers a product remarkably similar to other vendors, strong and appealing branding keeps their customers coming back to them for more. Strong branding not only communicates your identity, but it establishes trust and reliability with your customers. Identify what your company’s core strengths are, and keep those visible and present in the way your business presents itself to consumers.

3. Invest in Innovation

Your company may not be the first to step into the market with exceptional products or engaging messages, but you can learn how to do it better. Even without the most eye-catching, unique or cutting edge products, your company’s objectives can simply be broadcast in a new, innovative way.

When it comes to novelty, your company doesn’t have to reinvent the wheel to stand out. Innovation can also be found in execution. Set your business apart from your competitors by doing what you do as well as possible, with both a unique delivery and presentation that aren’t found with other businesses.

4. Keep Costs Competitive

Innumerable consumers return to businesses for their reasonable prices or reliable costs. If it’s reasonable, find ways to keep your prices as competitive as is feasible to attract as many potential customers as possible.

Take caution, however, not to sacrifice quality or service in favor of lowering prices for your customers, as these reductions will surely be noticeable by both your competitors and consumers, likely doing more harm than good.

5. Streamline Processes

When a business simplifies or revolutionizes its processes behind the scenes, it frees up valuable time and energy to invest in fresh marketing strategies or improving the customer’s experience. At every level of your company, there should exist a clear, efficient plan of operation for your employees.

Whether adopting a new technology to make record-keeping more streamlined or outsourcing a few tasks, any simplifications to operations can boost the amount of resources available for other cutting edge modifications that will give your company a competitive advantage.

6. Do Your Research

In order to fill a need in your market, it must first be identified. Take time to look into your competitors in order to better define your place in the greater scheme. When you’re aware of what others are doing, you may be better able to clarify your company’s objectives and find your place in the crowd. As well as looking into your competition, research adjacent markets for inspiration, too.

7. Be Adaptable

In an ever-changing marketplace, adaptability is paramount. While your company should stay true to its core and primary objectives, it’s important to maintain some level of malleability by readjusting in accordance with industry trends and movements.

As a business owner, you’re already acquainted with the need to branch out within your role and wear many hats. Your executive position enables you to lead your team by attaining and bringing new skills, ones that will better prepare your employees for the changes within your market.


Your business has inherent value, and achieving an advantage over your competitors is simply a matter of communicating that value to customers by generating interest and confidence with consumers. By working smarter, you will position your company as an exceptional choice for customers looking for a unique, quality experience.

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