7 Ways To Improve Your Home Security


Owning a home can be a scary prospect. It is an awful lot of responsibility to take care of such a large, important investment. After all, it is where you end up laying your head at the end of every day! Owning a home is also a huge joy that comes with plenty of excitement and a potential life long place of respite and peace. As a homeowner, you want to know the best ways to make sure that your investment and the precious belongings within it are safe and secure. You can always purchase a state of the art security system, but you should always have some backup contingency plans. If you are struggling to figure out what exactly you should do, here are some ways that you can improve your home security.

1. Protect Your Assets

Many people tend to keep the most precious assets in open air where they can be easily stolen by a burglar within their home. Not every single thing is worth keeping locked up in the safe confines of a gun box, but some things are. You should consider figuring out what small personal items you would never want to be stolen and purchase a burglar proof safe to protect them in the unfortunate event that a thief would make it into your home. According to statistics more burglaries occur in summer  since many people tend to keep the most precious assets in the open air where they can be easily stolen by a burglar within their home  

2. Use an Alarm System Sticker

If you do not want to shell out your savings for an alarm system and a monthly prescription, consider just finding a sticker or sign to put in the ground that says you have one. While it may not be the truth, you are trying to protect your home from people who would not blink at lying about stealing your things and breaking into your home.

3. Get Blackout Curtains

During the day, people usually want to be able to get the natural light inside their homes that windows provide. However, when you are away or during the night time, anyone who walks by can easily see into your home through your window. This is basically a blessing for burglars. To ward off anyone's knowledge of your private space, purchase blackout curtains for your street side windows. You can pull them back during the day when you are at home and draw them when you are away or sleeping. Not only does this protect you from thieves, it also can help cut down on your heating and air use which can decrease your gas or electric bills!

4. Adopt a Furry Friend

Dogs are fantastic security measures. They are instinctually territorial and have great senses of hearing and smell. Letting your big dog sleep at the foot of your bed and roman your home while you are at work is sure to ward off any security issues. Dogs are also amazing companions who will love you relentlessly.

5. Invest in Video Surveillance

Maybe you are away a lot and feel like something fishy is going on. You can watch your home while you are away! Invest in a solid video surveillance system, which there are many price wise and easy to operate options of these days. You can set up camera systems around the outside of your home's entrances and record any potential nonsense.

6. Put Up Some Motion Lights

These are a great way for you to keep your home safe at night. Motion lights can be attached to the outside of your home or even to trees on your property. They typically run on large and easy to find batteries and can be placed up high with a ladder or at eye level. If anyone is creeping around your home at night, they will have a surprise spotlight shining on them as they pass by and activate the light.

7. Update Your Locks

Have you just recently moved into your new home? Or, have you lived in your place for a while but never took the time to change some important things? Either way, you should consider switching out all of your door locks. This is not an insanely expensive endeavor, but it is important to consider doing whenever you move into a new home. Old owners are supposed to give all of their old keys to the new owners after the transaction is official, but there are always nosy neighbors, old friends and family members who may have spare keys to your locked doors laying around. In order to prevent any unwanted visitors from the past, switch up and update those locks on your home so only you know who has keys.

Knowing how to protect your home is an important thing. You, your family and all of your belongings reside in this place, and you should do whatever you can to ensure that everything and everyone is safe. Consider doing one, any or all of the above ideas to make sure that your home is as secure as possible.