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7 Ways to Keep Your e-Print Solutions in the Best Shape

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Due to advancement and change in technology, electronic devices these days are being rapidly upgraded and updated. With the newest models speaking high of themselves and boasting about the improvements over older versions, the latest ones too get notorious and can give users a tough time. Modern gadgets like printers and scanners have become a necessity these days. It’s a must add-on to your PC or MAC in your office or home. You don’t want to run a mile to get some documents printed just because your printer or scanner is throwing tantrums at you. Whether you own a laser printer or an inkjet, with a little knowledge, you can easily maintain your gadgets to avoid all those printing errors and paper jams.

Here are seven cool ways to keep your e-printing solutions in the best shape to save you from any frustration that your printers and scanners can possibly give you.

Be safe and sound

First things first, when there’s a need to open the printer for maintenance purposes, make sure that you plug it off and do not touch the inside parts of the printer machine. This little safety tip will keep you and the printer safe from any damage and accident. 

Clean the printer heads periodically

You must have seen a paper with lines running all over the graphics or text when it comes out of a printer, which means the ink is missing, even though there’s enough cartridges. When you witness this kind of a situation please know that the heads of the printer is clogged and needs urgent attention. Refer to the manual which comes with the printer or visit the brand’s website if you are not sure how to begin the cleaning of the printer heads. There are printers in the market that can self-clean their head with only few clicks yet can also be cleaned by hand. However, you need to make sure that you don’t clean the heads more than required. Frequent cleaning uses some extra ink.

Get rid of debris and dust

Dust, toner and other debris easily build-up inside the printer which can cause jams as well as leakage of ink on papers. This issue can easily be addressed with the help of a small vacuum which will easily clean the dust particles. You can clean the ink cartridges as well with the help of cotton swab dipped in plain water. The manufacturers, however do provide all the necessary instructions required for the maintenance of the product. Make sure that you follow the instructions properly because there are some parts of the cartridge that must not be swabbed.

Resolve any mechanical issues carefully

Like most of the things, you can extend the shelf life of the printer if you maintain it well. In order to avoid getting worked up or frustrated when a paper jam occurs, refer to the instructions on the manual which comes with the product to fix the problem. Usually, it’s advisable to pull the paper out using both hands to avoid leaving half the ripped paper inside so that the internal parts of the printer are not damaged. One more way to prevent any unwanted paper jams is by making sure that the paper tray is not over-filled or the paper you are loading is not damaged or torn.

Get a maintenance kit of your own

If you wish to spend some extra bucks to increase the life span of your printer, you can always purchase a separate maintenance kit of your own from the manufacturer of the printer if the original parts show any sign of wear and tear. These maintenance kits may consist of products responsible for cleaning such as vacuum to replaceable parts like rollers. Or you can get it repaired with a professional repair service providers such as e-print digital. With over 25 years of experience, they provide excellent sales, repair and maintenance to their customers.

Choose the right refill

Most printers such as inkjet printers can be heavy on pocket especially when it comes to refilling cartridges. If you think by using a cheap cartridge can save you some bucks then you are mistaken because generic and low quality cartridges can cause more damage to your printer. So in order to save yourself from repeated problems you are advised to buy branded or good quality cartridge, which is recommended by the manufacturer.

Be careful when you replace cartridges

Make sure that you follow the instructions before trying your hands on replacing the cartridge. The process of changing cartridges is very tricky. You must not get in contact with the bottom of the cartridge when changing it because it affects the quality of the print out. Just as there’s no such thing as perfection similarly there can be no perfect printer– you will get to experience occasional smudges, errors and jams. But with just a tab bit of care and maintenance, it is quite possible to lessen the chances of occasional errors. If you put these useful tips into practice there’s no way that you won’t enjoy a stress-free, smooth and happy printing experience.

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