7 Ways to Keep Your Luggage Safe While Traveling


Packing for any travel is like compacting your world in a suitcase. While you may pack your basics, things like expensive cameras, modern gadgets, staying connected through our modern devices have become part and parcel of our travels. Not to forget, the essential documents and passports. So, it is many a thing of importance in a small little bag.

Luggage security is one of the many important things while you are on the go. Let us discover seven ways that can give you an upper hand in safeguarding all that is important.

1.  Get a manual lock

Dismantling inbuilt luggage locks in your bags and suitcases is not difficult. Burglars are well acquainted with tricks to unfasten most of them. But that does not mean it is not worth an effort to lock your baggage. Having your protection system is better than relying on the safe and lockers at the hotels and guest houses. There are a fair number of chances you may lose out your valuables if not having robust luggage locks systems.

2. Choose luggage bag that is unique and extra tough

No matter how many security features you choose for your luggage, there is always more you can do to safeguard things whenever you are out traveling. The luggage bag must be sturdy enough not only to handle the wear and tear during travel but must also sustain any sharp cuts. For some bags, it is easy to slash them open a few by puncturing the zipper or the body of the bag. Therefore, you can choose strong-bodied luggage, the one that comes with anti-puncture zippers and hasps. The lousy looking luggage is first to attract any robber’s attention. While you select a piece of luggage, go for colors that are unique so that they are easy to spot from a distance. Burglars will avoid laying a hand on them because of the visibility factor.

3. Keep an eye on the luggage

As the adage goes out of sight, out of mind, keeping an eye on your luggage is a way to protect it against theft. Never leave your luggage unattended, even if you have to, make sure you keep it in your vicinity or watch it over from a distance. Entrusting your valuable items with strangers might not be a good idea, no matter how friendly they seem. Carry a lock and a chain with you so that you can leave them tied around a strong pole or a railing in case of any emergency. It is a good idea to tag all your luggage with a piece of basic information such as a contact number or email address so that if someone finds it unattended, they know where to contact. Lock with a chain. Be attentive with your belongings; a distracted person looks vulnerable and might attract the wrong kind attention.


4. Keep Valuables in a concealed place

Hide your valuables, not so common places. If you are carrying some extra cash or a piece of jewelry, it is a good idea to hide them under the folds of your clothes. Never lay all eggs in one basket, rather keep small amounts of emergency cash at different little places so that they are loose and are not left stranded in case you lose an item. It is a good idea to keep a xerox copy of your documents in more than one place.

5. Have a separate pouch for documents and passport

We all know that rack luggage is not treated well and is often out of sight. Keeping a separate pouch for your documents is a better option as the chances of missing them are quite high. You might be needing access to your documents time and again. It is a good idea to put your documents and passport in a pouch close to your reach such as a waist bag. So that you can carry them even to the restroom and never have to leave them unattended.

6. Keep a count of your belongings

One common trick to not miss out on your luggage, especially when you have several stop points, is to keep a count of your belongings. Simple as that might sound, but mentally counting all your belongings every time you check-in and checkout of a place can make it so you can track down your luggage if it goes missing. If you are traveling through a car then you can attach a roof rack & place all your belongings intact. This will also save your car’s interior space & you can travel with comfort.

7. Travel Light

 Last but not least if you are traveling solo, you must aim at minimizing the number of bags to carry on a journey. Try and sort things in multiple chambers of a single big bag with a stroller rather than carrying several small bags. If you are out with other family members, you can set a divide among members and entrust accountability to each.

Whether you are taking a short-distance journey or going places abroad, any lost or tampered with baggage can be a spoiler. While you will lose your valuable time looking for them, the chances are bleak that you may find your valuables. It is better to take care of your belongings before any mishap and always keep ahead of such situations.