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7 ways to make money on cryptocurrency

Earning opportunities for those who are not afraid of risk and are willing to understand the features of digital currencies.

Everybody around talks about crypto valut, and probably many people are jealous of those who once bought a bitcoin for 10 dollars and now are in chocolate. There are people who think that they will have time to jump into the last car of the train 'Crypto valut - Cloudless Pension'. Below I will tell you about the most interesting and popular ways of earning money on crypto valut, but not the fact that you will be able to multiply your money.

1.  Buying crypt currency on the stock exchange

Meaning: you open your account at the exchange, transfer money to it, buy or sell cryptographic currency.


  • The entrance price  yourself.
  • Variety of cryptov currencies.
  • Buying cheaper and selling more expensive, you can double your capital in a day on some transactions.
  • Good growth of popular crypto trading signals value , or satoshi to usd).


  • Different cryptocurrencies on different exchanges, but all have bitcoin.
  • Very complex schemes for depositing and withdrawing money.
  • Due to large chains of withdrawal and replenishment you lose money on commissions.
  • This is an exchange - you can lose a lot if you buy currency at its peak.
  • This method is not suitable for those who are not ready to devote much time to it.

Bottom line:a rather interesting way for diligent people who are ready to watch currency quotes, exchange rate fluctuations in 24/7 mode and react instantly. To make good money, you'll have to invest a lot.


2.  Mining

Meaning:  mine.

Pros: no.


  • Very high entrance price .
  • Very long payback period of the equipment.
  • It is necessary to have a good knowledge of technology and software.
  • Constant investment in the upgrade of the farm.

Bottom line: pleasure is not cheap. It will take at least 1.5 million rubles to organize a more or less working farm, which will bring you income.

3.  Cloud Mining

The point:  you buy power from other  miners, but you do not have the equipment yourself. Affordable  mining  for  everyone.


  • Low entrance price .
  • ROI for 4-6 months on some crypto currencies.
  • There is no need to be technically skilled.
  • Variety of tariff plans for mining different crypt currencies.
  •  It is possible to max out several crypto values at once.


  • Additional energy costs (in some tariff plans).
  • Commissions for withdrawal of cryptovolta.
  • Conclusion in cryptovite only.
  • The money invested is frozen for one year.
  • Probability of failure of the data center.
  • Risk of  hackers.

Bottom line: suitable for those who want to take part in the race for the crypt-currency and trump up the new-fashioned profession "miner". Cloud mining allows you to  get different types of currency at the expense of other miners, and you do not need to have a lot of money to enter into this business.

4.  Buying crypt currency on one exchange and selling it on another exchange

Meaning: there are many cryptocurrency exchanges, where you can often see a significant difference in the cost of bitcoin. It can reach 100-200 dollars per 1 bitcoin. You buy on one and sell on the other, earning on the difference in rates.

Pros: you can earn enough money per day, it all depends on the amount of investment and the number of operations.


  • It makes sense if you can buy at least 1 bitcoin.
  • Initial difficulties in registration and verification on different exchanges.
  • At first, it will be quite difficult to understand how to deposit and withdraw money quickly. Then,  will be  easier.
  • Permanent sitting at the computer and monitoring of exchanges.
  • You can buy at maximum, and at the moment of transfer from one exchange to another quotes can go down, and you will remain in a minus.

Bottom line:  bitcoin, as it is the most interesting in terms of exchange rate difference.


5.  Buying and storing crypt currency in an electronic wallet

Sense: start an electronic wallet or register in one of the payment systems that allow you to store crypt currency. You buy the crypt currency, you forget about it for a long time, and it may increase in price.


  • Low entrance price .
  • The analogue of a bank deposit with higher profitability.
  • Ability to store multiple .


  • Your wallet  can be hacked.
  • At least for a year you should not touch the currency no matter how the rate jumps.

Bottom line: an option for those who do not want to follow the currency quotes every day. Be sure to have an electronic wallet: online - for operations, offline - for storage (it is almost impossible to hack it).

6.  Mutual fund analogues

Meaning: in your personal account on the site you choose a manager who will invest your money in the crypt currency. You can see the volume of the manager's money portfolio and what returns he brings to investors.


  • Guaranteed income of 18 to 40% per month depending on the manager.
  • Low entrance threshold - from 10 dollars.
  • Ability to withdraw interest on a weekly basis.


  • There is a minimum period (two months on average) when it is impossible to withdraw the invested money.
  • Heavy penalty for early withdrawal from the manager's portfolio.
  • Yields on the verge of reasonable.

Bottom line: a rather risky instrument with high profitability.

7.  Fiduciary management analogue

The point: to invest your money in a community of crypto brokers, who play with your money on the stock exchange and share their daily income with you.


  • Low entrance price  - 10 dollars.
  • Crazy yield - 3.33% per day, or 100% per month.
  • Ability to withdraw interest in crypt currency or cash equivalents every day.
  • Daily  interest.


  • Personal cabinet and all operations - only through Telegram.
  • Information about the project (its founders and so on) is not disclosed.
  • You can only withdraw interest. Deposits cannot be withdrawn.
  • No verification except Telegram binding  to the phone number.
  • Perhaps, it is a new financial pyramid like " Bernard L. Mad off Investment Securities LLC ", only in the cryptovoltaic market.

Bottom line:a very risky tool, as there are signs of a pyramid.

Now there are many opportunities to make money on cryptovite, but all paths are not as simple and safe as it seems. Assess the risks and your opportunities. And remember: the safest thing to do, as one famous character said, is to keep money in a savings bank!

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